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We found that the world of crystals and harnessing their energy for healing and meditation is a truly fascinating one. We have tried a few sex toys now that make use of this unique material, and learning about their different properties and how they can bring positive change to your life is just as mesmerising as actually using them.

However, despite our interest and efforts, we don’t know how much we truly understand these things beyond reading about them. Instead, we mostly just think crystals look pretty, and that’s okay too. So when Wands of Lust Co recently approached us about sending us another of their products, we knew we wanted to go in a totally different direction visually than our previous review on their Aphrodite. And what’s more different from the translucent pink of rose quartz, than the endless black of pure obsidian?

Product Description

We found that while I may not possess the same level of expertise about crystals as the typical clientele of Wands of Lust Co, I do have a good grasp on fictitious obsidian as a long-standing Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. Within the realm of the game, obsidian doors, swords, and obelisks frequently appear, sparking my desire to acquire this crystal that has evidently fueled the creativity of fantasy writers for many years. Thus, the discovery of an obsidian dildo named Hercules in the inventory of this small Australian business was nothing short of delightful.

Crafted through the rapid cooling of volcanic lava and intended to target the root chakra, obsidian is a potent crystal known for its protective and grounding properties. It has the capacity to enhance strength, concentration, circulation, and various other aspects. One aspect that particularly intrigued me about the Hercules, in contrast to my earlier impressions of their Aphrodite product, was its distinct shape. Although both items maintain the characteristic dual-ended design typical of stone dildos, this specific toy boasts an additional curvature optimized for optimal G-Spot stimulation.

Measuring 19.5cm / 7.68″ in length, the smaller end exhibits a rounded head with a mere diameter of 3cm / 1.18″, while the larger end presents a bulbous yet significantly tapered tip measuring 4cm / 1.59″ in diameter. Naturally, both ends offer a sensation of greater size due to the firmness of the obsidian material, while its impeccably smooth and polished surface facilitates insertion. Regarding the weight of the Wands of Lust Co Hercules, it registers at 384g (a notable deviation from the listed weight of 445g on the website). This makes it notably lighter than the Aphrodite. It’s also important to note that the absence of a base renders this toy incompatible with harnesses or unsuitable for anal use.


My order for the Hercules was placed with Wands of Lust Co on the 13th of June and it arrived promptly on the 15th, which was great. Plus, the package was 100% discreet, with no mention of what was inside or who sent it. The package was then very similar to my previous order with Wands of Lust Co, arriving in a personalised and gift wrapped box using only recyclable materials, keeping in line with the brand’s commitment to sustainability. In addition to the toy, I also again received a high-quality drawstring pouch for storage (although this one is a little different, and even nicer than the last), alongside a thank you card with a discount for further orders and a matching smaller crystal. Finally, since Wands of Lust Co are currently sending free bottles of their Massage Oil with orders over $200 AUD / $134 USD, which the Hercules automatically qualifies for, they also included this in my package, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

My Experience

From our team member’s experience, beginning with the larger end of the Wands of Lust Co Hercules right from the start is certainly doable. However, opting for the smaller end initially has proven to be my preferred approach due to the slight challenge posed by the larger end. Additionally, depending on the season, addressing the naturally cold temperature of the toy might be necessary. Given the current mid-winter climate, I’ve found it effective to warm up the toy in some water before use.

Inserting the smaller end subsequently becomes easy, and despite the slender shape feeling a bit unfamiliar, the curved shaft design still comes into play, providing a satisfying amount of G-Spot stimulation. Post-orgasm with the smaller end, I’m inclined to progress, likening the experience to having an appetizer before the main course. The larger end carries a much more prominent sensation, enhanced by its weight that allows it to settle deeply inside. Pinpointing my G-Spot becomes effortless, and the resulting stimulation yields immensely pleasurable outcomes. This effect is particularly remarkable when paired with a gentle clitoral vibrator like my We-Vibe Touch X. I’ve found that harder vibrators such as the Doxy Bullet or We-Vibe Tango X don’t complement the firm texture of the dildo as well, leading to some clashing against the material and occasional skin pinching.

However, there is a drawback. The shorter length of the Hercules means there’s limited room to utilize as a handle. Consequently, it doesn’t take long before wrist fatigue sets in, necessitating breaks due to the pressure required to keep the Hercules effectively targeting my G-Spot. Not to mention, the nature of the activity tends to get a bit messy, which can make gripping the toy even more challenging.

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning the Wands of Lust Co Hercules is simple because it is waterproof; simply place it gently in ceramic sinks or baths. Wash the toy with a light soap before washing and allowing it to air dry before placing it in the storage bag that came with it. Wands of Lust Co also recommends purifying your crystal on a regular basis to remove any negative energy, which can be accomplished by smudging it with sage or bathing it in full moon moonlight. Never put your crystal in boiling water since it will crack, and if any cracks appear, discontinue use.

Final Thoughts

After thoroughly enjoying our experience with the Wands of Lust Co Aphrodite, we became intrigued by the potential impact of a different shape and material on the Hercules. There were certainly similarities between the two, such as the harmonious interaction of the toy’s two ends. Using the smaller side as a warm-up before transitioning to the larger end was a common approach.

However, the actual pleasure derived from the Hercules was notably distinct. As expected, due to its curved shaft, the Hercules proved to be far more effective in stimulating the G-Spot. Consequently, both sides of the toy contributed to a significantly more intense orgasm compared to the Aphrodite. It’s worth noting that while the Aphrodite allowed for a relaxed, hands-free experience thanks to its weight doing most of the work, the Hercules demanded more effort. In fact, the extent of use was limited by what our wrists could support.

We don’t believe one option is inherently superior to the other. The choice between them largely depends on the mood of the day. Just as one might appreciate crab but not always want to go through the effort of removing its shell, the decision hinges on personal preferences.

If you’re considering a purchase, we suggest first asking yourself whether G-Spot stimulation is appealing to you. If the answer is affirmative, the follow-up question pertains to your affinity for crystals. Notably, G-Spot legends like the Njoy Pure Wand ($220 AUD / $160 USD), Godemiche Morpheus ($70 AUD / $45 USD), and Hot Octopuss KURVE ($170 AUD / $130 USD) come at a lower price point than the Wands of Lust Co Hercules. This implies that the premium cost of the Hercules is primarily attributed to its unique obsidian material.

Taking these factors into account, we wholeheartedly recommend the Wands of Lust Co Hercules to crystal enthusiasts who are willing to invest extra effort for exceptional G-Spot stimulation. However, for those with different preferences, opting for one of the more budget-friendly alternatives mentioned above, including the Aphrodite, might be a more suitable choice.


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