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Virectin, sometimes known as Virectin Loaded, is a male enhancement supplement developed by Gentopia Laboratories that is designed to increase sex drive and sexual performance. The brand claims that their medication contains “optimal dosages of powerful herbs and extracts” that “help you achieve rock-hard erections and improve your stamina.”

But does Virectin contain chemicals that have been shown to have these effects in medical study, or are these just marketing claims? Is there any hazardous additives in the supplement? Are the brand’s health claims legitimate? How do actual users rate and characterize the effects of Virectin?

In this post, we’ll answer all of these issues and more as we evaluate the chemicals in Virectin using clinical evidence to determine whether the supplement is likely to be beneficial.

We’ll discuss our worries about some of the health claims presented on the brand’s website, as well as some potentially false customer testimonials. We’ll also offer genuine, unsponsored user reviews of Virectin and explain where to get the best deal on the product. as well read about EnhanceRx review also…

Virectin ingredients

Virectin’s Supplement Facts label is displayed above.

Niacin, zinc, and selenium are a combination of vitamins and minerals, and we generally do not recommend taking supplemental vitamins and minerals without proof of a deficiency because doing so may raise blood levels to an unsafe level (especially when one of the minerals is included at a dose greater than 200% of the Daily Value).

A medical trial on niacin discovered that it was beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) in patients with cholesterol difficulties, although the level used in the research was 1,500 milligrams (mg), which is 60 times the amount in Virectin.

A medical investigation on niacin indicated that it was useful in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) in people with cholesterol issues, despite the fact that the dosage used in the study was 1,500 milligrams (mg), which is 60 times the amount found in Virectin.

Tribulus fruit extract is incorporated at a 500 mg dose. A clinical experiment published in the Maturitas journal discovered that tribulus extract supplementation significantly increased intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, and sexual desire.

The trial dose was lower overall than Virectin pills, but it was significantly more concentrated.

Eurycoma Longifolia root powder has shown promising results in treating erectile dysfunction and male infertility. Virectin employs raw root powder, but most clinical trials in the linked study employed extracts (higher concentrations). We will assess this ingredient as potentially effective.

In a medical review, fenugreek seed powder was found to be effective as an aphrodisiac at a dose of 200 mg, whereas Virectin only contains 100 mg.

Maca root powder may be considerably underdosed. Virectin’s dosage is merely 50 mg. The BMC Alternative Medicine and Therapies journal released a meta-study on maca for libido, analyzing multiple clinical trials. The lowest dose utilized in any of the 1,500 mg daily.

We could not discover evidence that any of the other active components are effective at the recommended levels.

Virectin may help improve erectile function and sexual performance due to its research-backed ingredients and clinically proven doses.

This supplement’s inactive ingredients are completely safe and non-toxic, which is fantastic.

Does Virectin Use Fake Customer Testimonials?

Virectin may have utilized stock photos for several testimonials on their website. The above image comes from Virectin’s website.Here’s a link to the same individual in Adobe Stock Images.

Using a reverse image search tool like Tineye, you can discover that the image is not unique and can be seen in many formats across the web. This shows that Virectin may be employing forged customer testimonials, which would raise serious concerns about the brand’s credibility.

Their second testimonial image, displayed above, emphasizes this idea. The same image is available on Adobe Stock, but the man has a cup of coffee. Virectin appears to have utilized image manipulation tools, such as Photoshop, to replace the coffee in a stock image with their bottle.

To safeguard client confidentiality, the brand now includes a footnote stating that real customer photographs are not used. The use of photos with the headline “Real Success, Real Incredible Results!” raises concerns about the product’s marketing strategy.

Questionable Health Claims on Virectin Website

The Virectin website makes several scientifically questionable health claims.

The brand claims that ashwagandha root improves sexual performance, but gives no citation or evidence that it does so at the very low amount of 50 mg in Virectin.

We have found no medical evidence that ashwagandha is useful at this low dose, and the brand does not even employ a more strong extract. They use root powder.

The brand also claims, without providing any sources or proof, that Virectin helps 90% of men get stronger erections. We’re not sure how the brand can make this claim without funding a clinical trial.

When we first published this article, incorrect statements about Virectin’s contents appeared on the contents page. The brand has since changed its website.

Initially, the brand stated that tongkat ali “promotes” testosterone levels by more than 90%. However, the brand now admits that it can enhance testosterone levels, which we agree with.

What Retailer Has the Lowest Price on Virectin

Below is a price breakdown for one bottle of Virectin at the time of updating this article.

Brand website$59.99

While Virectin is significantly less expensive at Walmart than at other retailers, we recommend that customers interested in this supplement buy it from the brand’s official website, as it is listed on Walmart by a third-party vendor.

We advise consumers to avoid purchasing from third-party merchants, since this may lessen the possibility of counterfeit products.

Virectin does not appear to be available at any big merchants, such as Walgreens or GNC.

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Real Virectin Customer Reviews

Virectin is sold on Amazon which is a more objective resource for customer reviews than a brand’s website in our opinion. The supplement has been reviewed over 100 times, and has an average review rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars.

The top positive review from a verified purchaser is written by an anonymous Amazon Customer who claims the following:

“My husband purchased these and all I can say is that I noticed an improvement in his stamina and gerth.”

The top negative review from a verified purchaser comes from a user named “Gerald V. Duckett” who claims the product caused side effects:

“Not entirely sure, but I contracted tremendous stomach pain after 3 days (3 a day). The doctors didn’t know the cause but I’m being treated for an ulcer. Never experienced this pain before.”

Virectin Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick synopsis of the benefits and downsides of this product in our opinion:


  • Some effective ingredients
  • No harmful additive ingredients


  • Most ingredients appear underdosed
  • Questionable and often uncited health claims
  • Unimpressive user reviews
  • Seemingly fake testimonials 

Stay up-to-date on our research reviews

We believe Virectin has the potential to improve ED symptoms and sexual function in men because it contains many research-backed components.

We do not suggest the supplement due to underdosed active components and ethical concerns with the brand’s marketing.

Natural supplements that improve sexual performance are more affordable than Virectin, which costs $59.99 each bottle.

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