Top 8 : Best Kegel Balls and Exercisers

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Sex health professionals agree that Kegel balls and exercises might help you tighten your vagina and experience more intense orgasms. Kegel balls and Kegel exercisers are among the healthiest ways to enhance, strengthen, and tighten your pelvic muscles.

Some people question if it is feasible to strengthen their pelvic floor and muscles. Yes, this is achievable with the proper Kegel Balls and Exercisers. You may have looked into several strategies for strengthening your pelvic floor. We have you covered; we have researched this issue thoroughly and will provide everything you need to know about Kegel Balls and Exercisers.

Kegel balls are small, weighted balls that are put into the vagina to strengthen the pelvic. They come in a variety of sizes, weights, and fabrics, and you may choose what is most comfortable for you.

You may be apprehensive about using Kegel balls and exercising, but they are both practical and effective pelvic floor strengtheners. Aside from strengthening the pelvic floor, Kegel balls provide stronger orgasms, improved sex life, and may help with overactive bladder.

According to Barbara Frank, MD, a Harvard Affiliate OBGYN, the pelvic floor keeps all of your insides in and prevents organs from descending. She goes on to say, “It’s important to exercise here like any other muscle, especially after we put it through things like aging, weight gain, and pregnancy and delivery.”

Rashida Ahmed, a sexual health educator and intimacy coach, says that employing pelvic floor strengtheners and Kegel exercises are effective ways to address pelvic floor muscles. When used appropriately, these dumbbells can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Judith Meer, DPT, a pelvic health physical therapist, notes that Kegel balls are put into the vagina and may be used in conjunction with Kegel exercises.

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Each product in this article:

Our Testing Process

We involved our product experts when testing Kegel Balls and Exercisers and considered every aspect that defined what the best product should do, be made of, and be.

Some of the key features that we took as key indicates included, weight, material that makes the balls, usability, that is, how to insert, the removals process, vibration, and how long before you see changes, and other important factors.

We conducted our tests on Kegel balls from different manufacturers for effectiveness, safety, and value for money. The products with the best ratings on all the indicator features made it to the list and so we have shared what we believe is the most effective collection of Kegel exercisers and ball.

List of Best Kegel Balls and Exercisers

1. Elvie Trainer

About: The Elvie Trainer is one of the pelvic floor kegel exercisers designed by the company Elvie. A small device inserted into the vagina provides biofeedback during kegel exercises.

How it works: The Elvie Trainer detects the contractions of the pelvic floor muscles during kegel exercises and provides feedback through a connected app. The app shows the strength of the contractions and guides the user through different workout routines.

Application: The Elvie Trainer is intended for women to help strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. It can be helpful after pregnancy and childbirth to regain bladder control and improve core stability.

“The Elvie Trainer is a significant advancement in pelvic floor strengthening. Its biofeedback technology provides real-time data, empowering women to improve their pelvic muscle strength and control. This device offers a convenient and effective solution for addressing pelvic floor issues.” – Dr. Mary Jane Minkin

Benefits: The biofeedback and guided workouts can make kegel exercises more effective and help users see results faster. This can lead to improved bladder control, reduced incontinence, and stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Safety: The Elvie Trainer is made of medical-grade silicone, which is generally body safe. Some users may experience irritation.

Manufacturer: Elvie

Price: $199.


  • Helps ensure proper latching and positioning
  • Provides real-time feedback on the pumping technique
  • Can detect issues and inefficiencies quickly


  • Requires purchase of additional hardware
  • Subscription fees may be an ongoing cost
  • Only provides information on pumping, not breastfeeding
  • Feedback could be overwhelming for some users
  • Does not replace in-person lactation consultant visits

2. LELO Beads

About: LELO Beads is one of the best wearable kegel exercisers designed by LELO, a luxury sex toy brand. They are tiny, weighted beads inserted into the vagina and worn throughout the day.

How it works: The weighted beads put gentle pressure on the pelvic floor muscles, prompting them to contract and strengthen. As the user goes about their day, their pelvic floor muscles engage and release around the beads, providing a low-impact workout.

Application: LELO Beads are intended to be used by women as a discreet way to strengthen and tone their pelvic floor muscles. They can be worn during the day while doing everyday activities.

Dr. Emily Morse, Sexologist and Relationship Expert says that, “The We-Vibe Bloom offers a unique and customizable approach to pelvic floor training. With its progressive weight system and app-controlled features, it allows women to tailor their exercises to their specific needs and goals. The Bloom not only helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles but also enhances sexual pleasure and overall well-being.”

Benefits: Regular use of LELO Beads can help improve bladder control, reduce incontinence, tighten the pelvic floor muscles, and increase sexual pleasure. The discreet, wearable design makes them convenient to use on a daily basis.

Safety: LELO Beads are made of body-safe silicone. Some users may experience irritation, especially if the beads are worn for too long. It is recommended to start with short durations and build up time over weeks.

Manufacturer: LELO

Price: $79.


  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning
  • Multiple vibration modes for variety
  • Smooth, body-safe silicone material


  • Requires batteries
  • May slip out during movement
  • Can only be used by one person
  • Not hands-free
  • Expensive for a single-use toy

3. We-Vibe Bloom

About: We-Vibe Bloom is one of the best kegel ball brand that comes with a set of vibrating kegel balls designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles through exercise.

How it works: The Bloom consists of two weighted balls connected by a flexible silicone rod. When inserted into the vagina, the weights provide resistance for kegel exercises that tighten the pelvic floor muscles. The base of the Bloom has a vibrator that can be turned on to provide vibration during exercise.

Application: The Bloom is intended for women to use for pelvic floor muscle training. It can be worn during daily activities and exercise routines. Vibrations provide stimulation and motivation during workouts.

“The We-Vibe Bloom is a game-changer in the field of pelvic floor training. Its three progressive weights allow for gradual muscle strengthening, while the app provides valuable guidance and tracking. Additionally, the ability to switch to vibration mode adds an element of pleasure and arousal to the experience, making it a versatile and enjoyable tool for women’s sexual health.” – Dr. Ava Cadell, Clinical Sexologist and Founder of Loveology University

Benefits: Regular use of Bloom can help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, improve bladder control, increase sexual pleasure, and reduce incontinence. Toning the pelvic floor muscles can also improve core stability and posture.

Safety: The Bloom is made of body-safe silicone and is waterproof. It has multiple weight options to accommodate different fitness levels. Users should ensure proper hygiene and storage to avoid bacteria buildup.

Manufacturer: We-Vibe

Price: $119.00.


  • This kegel exerciser provides powerful vibrations
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • App control allows the partner to join in


  • Requires charging frequently
  • The app can be glitchy at times
  • The bulky design may not suit all
  • Expensive compared to some options

4. Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights

About: The Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights are a set of weighted balls designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles through kegel exercises.

How it works: The weights consist of two silicone balls of varying weights connected by a silicone string. When inserted into the vagina, the weights provide resistance for kegel exercises that tighten and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. As the user contracts and releases their pelvic floor muscles around the weights, it helps to build strength and endurance.

Application: The Intimate Rose weights are intended for women to use for pelvic floor muscle training. They can be worn during daily activities to provide a low-impact workout for the pelvic floor.

“The Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights offer a practical and evidence-based approach to pelvic floor strengthening. The graduated weight system allows women to progress at their own pace, avoiding muscle fatigue or injury. The weights can be used during a variety of activities, such as walking or performing specific exercises, enhancing muscle engagement and coordination. For women seeking to regain or improve their pelvic floor function, the Intimate Rose weights are a valuable tool.” – Dr. Heather Bartos, Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Women’s Health Expert

Benefits: Regular use of kegel trainers can lead to benefits like improved bladder control, reduced urinary incontinence, increased sexual pleasure, and tighter vaginal muscles.

Safety: The weights are made of body-safe silicone and come with a storage pouch. Some users may experience irritation, especially if the weights are worn for too long. It is recommended to start with shorter durations.

Manufacturer: Intimate Rose

Price: $54.99.


  • May strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • This is one of the best kegel exercisers that could potentially improve sexual function and pleasure
  • May help with incontinence in some cases


  • Limited research on effectiveness
  • Risk of vaginal irritation or infection if not cleaned properly
  • May cause discomfort or pain during use

5. LELO HULA Beads

About: The LELO HULA Beads are a remote-controlled vibrating Ben wa ball set designed for insertion into the vagina. They consist of two vibrating beads connected by a string and controlled by a separate remote.

How it works: The vibrating beads are inserted into the vagina and rotate as the string moves freely. The remote controller allows the user to select different vibration modes and intensities. The controller vibrates in tandem to provide feedback to the user.

Application: The HULA Beads have three main modes:
Mode 1: To alter the vibration’s strength, tilt the remote
Mode 2: Shake the remote to control the vibration
Mode 3: Select from 6 preset vibration patterns

Dr. Justin Lehmiller, Social Psychologist and Sex Researcher says that, “The LELO HULA Beads are a fantastic addition to the realm of sexual wellness products. With its rotating and vibrating functions, it offers a delightful combination of pleasure and exercise. The internal rotation stimulates the pelvic floor muscles while the vibration adds pleasurable sensations. The HULA Beads provide a fun and innovative way for women to enhance their sexual experiences and improve pelvic floor strength simultaneously.”

– Powerful vibrations
– Ergonomic design for comfort
– Remote control provides versatility
– Discreet packaging

– Only for vaginal use, not anal
– Use only water-based lubricant
– Store in a cool, dry place
– Clean thoroughly after each use

Manufacturer: LELO

Price: $189.00.


  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning
  • Smooth, body-safe silicone
  • This kegel trainer comes with multiple vibration modes
  • App control for partner play


  • Requires charging frequently
  • Can only be used by one person
  • Not hands-free
  • Expensive for a single-use toy

6. Kegelbell Training Kit

About: The Kegelbell Training Kit consists of a set of weighted vaginal balls designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles through kegel exercises.

How it works: The weighted balls are inserted into the vagina and the weights provide resistance for kegel exercises that tighten and lift the pelvic floor muscles. As the user performs daily activities, the weights move around and put pressure on the pelvic floor muscles, providing stimulation and training.

Application: The Kegelbells are intended to be used by women as a discreet way to strengthen and tone their pelvic floor muscles. They can be worn during daily activities and exercise routines for low-impact workouts. The user can choose from different weights to vary the intensity of the exercises.

– Regular use of Kegelbells can help strengthen pelvic floor muscles
– Improve bladder control
– Increase sexual pleasure
– Reduce incontinence
– Toning the pelvic floor muscles can also improve core stability and posture.

– The weights are made from body-safe silicone and are latex-free
– Users should ensure proper hygiene and storage of the Kegelbells

Manufacturer: Kegelbell

Price: $99.95.


  • Tones pelvic floor muscles
  • Improves bladder control
  • This kegel device has the potential to enhances sexual pleasure
  • Includes multiple weights
  • Easy to insert and remove


  • Requires cleaning after use
  • May cause vaginal irritation
  • Can slip out during exercise
  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • This kegel ball benefits only pelvic floor muscles

7. Intimina KegelSmart

About: The Intimina KegelSmart is an intelligent pelvic floor toner that helps users strengthen their pelvic floor muscles through a personalized training program.

How it works: The KegelSmart detects the strength of a user’s pelvic floor contractions during use and adjusts the exercise routine accordingly. It has 5 progressive strength levels and uses vibration cues to guide users through short contraction and release intervals.

Application: To use the KegelSmart, insert it into the vagina and turn it on. It will vibrate to indicate the start of the exercise routine. When it vibrates, contract the pelvic floor muscles. When it stops vibrating, release and rest. The device will automatically adjust the training based on the strength of the contractions.

Dr. Laura Riley who is the Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Women’s Health Expert says that, “The Intimina KegelSmart is an excellent device for women looking to improve their pelvic floor strength. Its unique sensing technology adapts the exercise routine to the individual’s abilities, providing a customized workout experience. The device’s user-friendly interface and the guided training programs make it easy for women to incorporate regular pelvic floor exercises into their daily routine, leading to improved muscle tone and bladder control.”

– Regular pelvic floor exercises can help improve bladder control, sexual function, posture, and recovery after childbirth.
– The KegelSmart provides a practical and personalized training program to help users strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

– The KegelSmart is made of body-safe silicone and is designed for internal use.
– It is FDA-certified.

Manufacturer: Intimina

Price: $99.95.


  • This vaginal exerciser tracks progress over time
  • Multiple intensity levels
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Waterproof design for cleaning
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Requires purchasing replacement sleeves
  • The app could be more intuitive
  • According to multiple Kegel ball reviews, we found that it was too intense for some
  • Expensive compared to weights
  • Does not tone the entire pelvic floor

8. YarLap System

About: YarLap is an FDA-cleared kegel muscle exercisers created by Relevium Labs to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles through biofeedback and electrostimulation.

How it works: The YarLap device consists of a small sensor that is inserted into the vagina. It detects contractions of the pelvic floor muscles and provides visual and audio feedback to guide Kegel exercises. The device can also provide electrical stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles.

Application: Users insert the YarLap sensor and connect it to the mobile app. They can then perform guided or self-paced Kegel exercises, track their progress, and adjust stimulation settings. The recommended usage is 5-10 minute sessions, 3-5 times per week.

– This type of Ben Wa ball strengthens the pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises can help treat urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and sexual dysfunction, and improve core stability.
– The biofeedback and electrostimulation provided by YarLap aim to make exercises more effective.

– The YarLap sensor is made of medical-grade silicone and plastic and is designed for safety.
– However, users should consult a doctor before use, especially if they have an implantable device, a history of infections, or other health concerns.

Manufacturer: YarLap

Price: $319.95


  • Monitors pelvic floor activity
  • Provides biofeedback
  • Detects improvements over time
  • Helps achieve training goals
  • Can be used at home


  • Requires purchase of device
  • Subscription fees may apply
  • Setup can be complicated
  • May not be covered by insurance
  • Requires app to view data

Things to consider when selecting the Best Kegel Balls and Exercisers?

Consider those made with body-safe material: The market is full of different kinds of pelvic floor training tools made with various kinds of materials. Barbara Frank explains that some of these products are made with poor-quality material, which may irritate your vagina. It is important and safer that you choose Kegel balls made with medical-grade silicone, polycarbonate, or ABS plastic material. Barbara Frank and Judith Meer both warn against buying balls made with yoni eggs as they may be difficult to clean and semi-porous.

Start with lighter weight: Most sexual health experts recommend that you start exercising your pelvic floor without using the Kegel balls at first to be sure you are working on the right muscles. Once you have built your confidence that you are strengthening the correct muscles, you can start adding weights slowly. Judith Meer explains that Kegel ball weights may vary from 10 grams to 100 grams. She recommends that you start with lighter weights, and once you get used to them, gradually increase the weights. Ensure you are comfortable with the weights you are using.

Prioritize those that vibrate: As you may be aware, Kegel balls are sometimes referred to as love balls, pleasure balls, and orgasm balls since they can be used for sexual pleasure. Because you can use Kegel balls during solo sex or while enjoying sex with your partner, it is recommended that you consider those that vibrate. Judith Meer says, “Some balls designed with pleasure in mind have vibrating features or contain smaller balls inside the larger one that can be felt as you move around.” 

Reviews: Reputable brands will definitely include overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Consider purchasing products that customers have used and that have worked well for them. Positive reviews will draw in many customers to try the products. Read reviews to ensure the products have minimal to no side effects.

Removal string: Beginners may have a hard time inserting the Kegel ball into the vagina and removing it. For this reason, Rashida Ahmed recommends that beginners should choose Kegel exercise balls with removal strings so that they can easily pull them out once they are done. The removal string provides a sense of security while using the ball.

Things to Expect When Using Kegel Balls and Exercisers?

The pelvic floor muscles are important as they help hold your insides in place. Using Kegel balls to work your pelvic muscles offers numerous health benefits. These include:

  • Kegel balls help improve sexual performance and sexual pleasure, either solo or with a partner
  • The balls help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and this helps reduce and prevent fecal or urinary leakage
  • Strengthening the pelvic floor reduces the risk of the downward descent of organs
  • Great post-partum workout to increase muscle strength and muscle toning
  • Kegel exercise balls help improve blood flow in the vagina and improve vaginal health.

How Do Kegel Balls Work?

Kegel exercise balls work by strengthening the pelvic floor muscle to prevent pelvic organ prolapse. The pelvic floor muscles support the vaginal canal, rectum, bladder, and uterus. Kegel balls come in a variety of sizes and weights, helping you work with what you are comfortable with. Sexual health experts recommend that beginners should start with lighter weights, before progressing to heavier weights. Consistent use of Kegel exercise balls should help strengthen the pelvic muscles, increase sexual pleasure, prevent pelvic organ prolapse, and improve vaginal health.

Who Should Use Kegel Balls?

Kegel exercise balls are specifically designed for women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to prevent bladder leakage. If you want to enjoy sexual pleasure, consider using Kegel balls. Any healthy woman can enjoy the benefits of these exercise balls. However, pregnant women, women who are recovering from delivery, women with pelvic infections, and women with IUDs fitted should consult a doctor before using Kegel balls.

What Materials Are Used in Best Kegel Balls?

Medical grade silicone

Many industries have incorporated the use of silicone to manufacture their products since it is a special material. Consumer industries, including cosmetic industries, manufacture some of their products, including paints and solar panels using silicone. Silicone is biocompatible, flexible, and durable making it a versatile and good material in the industry. Kegel exercise balls are manufactured using medical-grade silicone because it is easy to clean and durable.

According to the Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series, pelvic organ prolapse refers to the descent of vaginal organs. The research claims that the use of medical-grade silicone for vaginal pessaries and Kegel products may help prevent the downward descent of the organs.

Silicone is a common ingredient used to make male and female sex toys. The material is soft, flexible and durable, which is why we are happy to recommend it. We have documented silicone in our content on Phallosan Forte Review, a product used to extend the penis muscles.

Abs plastic blend

Abs plastic is a well-known thermoplastic polymer that is commonly used in many industries and businesses to make different products. Abs plastic provides the thermal and chemical stability, improves strength, and makes the product tough and durable. ABS may withstand adverse environmental conditions and heavy use and can be easily molded into any shape. Kegel balls are made with ABS plastic because of all these amazing properties.

According to the Materials Journal, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic is a thermoplastic copolymer known for its rigid, durable, and chemically resistant properties, and its available at low costs. Most medical-grade Kegel products are made with ABS plastic because it also has antimicrobial properties.


Polycarbonate plastic is a dependable and popular material used in different industries. Polycarbonate can withstand high pressure; it is malleable and durable. Polycarbonate plastic can be curved and molded into complex designs and structures, without breaking or cracking. Due to its enhanced safety and resilience, some Kegel balls are made with polycarbonate material.

The Environmental Health Perspectives journal reveals that polycarbonate plastic is a lightweight, durable, and heat-resistant plastic used in the food and beverage industry to make plastic containers. Due to these properties, many businesses incorporate the use of polycarbonate to make their products.


Q:What Are Kegel Balls and Exercisers?

Kegel balls and exercisers are devices designed to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They are inserted into the vagina and used to perform Kegel exercises, which involve contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.

Q:What Are the Benefits of Using Kegel Balls and Exercisers?

The benefits of using Kegel balls and exercisers include improved bladder control, increased sexual pleasure, faster postpartum recovery, enhanced vaginal tone, and reduced risk of pelvic organ prolapse.

Q:Who Can Benefit from Using Kegel Balls and Exercisers?

Kegel balls and exercisers can benefit various individuals, including women experiencing urinary incontinence, women postpartum, women looking to enhance sexual satisfaction, and individuals seeking to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles for overall health.

Q:How Do I Choose the Best Kegel Balls or Exercisers?

When choosing Kegel balls or exercisers, consider factors such as size, weight, material, ease of insertion and removal, and whether they offer adjustable weights or progressive levels of resistance. It’s important to select a product that suits your comfort level and individual needs.

Q:How Often Should I Use Kegel Balls or Exercisers?

The frequency of use depends on your current pelvic floor strength and goals. Generally, starting with a few minutes a day, three to four times a week, and gradually increasing the duration and frequency is recommended. It’s essential to listen to your body and avoid overexertion.

Q:Are Kegel Balls and Exercisers Safe to Use?

When used correctly and with proper hygiene practices, Kegel balls and exercisers are generally safe. However, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any specific concerns or medical conditions before starting their use.

Q:Can Kegel Balls and Exercisers Get Stuck Inside the Vagina?

It is highly unlikely for Kegel balls or exercisers to get stuck inside the vagina. Most products come with retrieval cords or loops for easy removal. If you encounter difficulties, it’s best to relax and try gently bearing down, or seek medical assistance if needed.

Q:Can Kegel Balls or Exercisers Be Used During Pregnancy?

It’s important to consult with your healthcare provider before using Kegel balls or exercisers during pregnancy. While pelvic floor exercises can be beneficial, individual circumstances may vary, and it’s best to receive professional advice.

Q.Which Type of Kegel Balls are the Best?

The best Kegel balls on the market are the ones made with medical-grade silicone, ABS plastic, or polycarbonate material. These products are durable, flexible, and easy to clean. Since Kegel balls come in different sizes and weights, choose whatever you are comfortable with.

Q.How Long Should I Wait For Results with Kegel Balls?

Once you insert the ball inside the vagina and start to squeeze, you will feel the ball lift. As you keep doing the exercises every day, the pelvic floor muscles grow stronger. It takes commitment and dedication to work on your pelvic floor muscles. We recommend that you should keep doing the exercises many times a time for three to four weeks. You will start noticing changes in your body.

Q.Do Kegel Balls Really Work?

Yes, constantly doing Kegel exercises using Kegel balls should allow you to achieve noticeable results. Kegel balls not only strengthen the pelvic floor muscles but also work to increase sexual pleasure and prevent pelvic organ prolapse. Most customers who have used the balls also agree that the balls do work.

Q.How To Use Kegel Balls?

Manufacturers recommend that you wash your hands and the balls before inserting them into the vagina to prevent vaginal infections. Dr. Jeffcoat recommends that you start with lighter weights and once you have built endurance, you can move on to heavier weights.

Q.Are Kegel Balls Safe?

Yes, Kegel Balls are a safe way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Ensure the balls are cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap before using them to prevent infections. Also, check for any cracks before inserting the balls into the vagina.


There are many options available for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and using Kegel balls is one of the safest options. Beginners should start with lighter weights and gradually progress to heavier weights.

Using the correct size and weight of the Kegel ball should train the muscles without causing discomfort or pain.

We consider the list of best Kegel Balls and exercisers we have shared as highly effective and recommend you try one. While creating the list, we tested all the features, functionality, and effectiveness and say that they are worth it and able to deliver the expected results.

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