Top 21+: The Sexiest Pornstars (2023)

Sexy does not always mean the hottest, sometimes it is all about that energy, charisma, acting skills, and the whole package. If you care about faces only, or combo of face plus body, check our hottest new pornstars list.

So, what are some of the sexiest pornstars out there? Well, now having written close to fifty top 10 posts alone (with some yet to come), I have concluded that more times than not, the pornstars below make my dick and eyes happy.

Also, don’t expect just the old and well-known names, we have some new, fresh pussy for you too. Our article was recently updated to include another 10 pornstars from the last few years, increasing your choice by 100%. As usual, these rankings go from #20 to #1, here we go.

Emily Bloom

Not the most confident pornstar at the beginning of this video, but it slowly dials that volume knob from 1 to 25. I think that shyness can be sexy, as it’s innocent. However, I realize that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea hence only the “last” spot. Emily Bloom has a tiny body and pale white skin. Her best quality is that round butt, it’s almost apple-like. When she stands straight and those wrinkles appear under each cheek, it makes my blood boil.

Now, hot and sexy are two different things, as we have established already, but it doesn’t hurt to have a superstar body, right?

Aidra Fox

Playful vibes and giggling all the way through. Even the creepy guys could get some knowledge from this beauty. With millions of depressed people, it’s easy to appreciate a smile, especially if it’s genuine. So why do we consider smiling pornstars so sexy? Because it’s hard to find a happy porn actress. Best of all, laughter too can be contagious, which explains the second smiling woman.

Honestly, Aidra Fox is one of the sexier adult performers. Lots of talking, messy hair and it happens… Her hands touch your dick as she begs for a single shallow stroke. Maybe one day a trend of fake orgasms will be replaced with happiness.


Sydney Cole

Let me drop a porn scene with one of my favorite sex positions that unfortunately is hard to achieve in real life, assuming you have an average dick and your girl is with massive ass. Fantastic booty and great curves all around. Having nicely tanned skin also increases her value.

I fully support pornstars that don’t get disgusted by cum. It’s all-natural and good for you anyway. The ending is where Sydney earns most of her “sexiness” points, a happy face is a sexy face. Also, now you know the best place to jizz on your girlfriend.

Bree Olson

We were surprised to see Bree as one of our reader’s nominees, not because she is not sexy but because it has been so long. To give you a heads-up, miss Olson was a very successful pornstar in 2008 (her peak year) and then quit a few years later (2006 – 2011).

Now at 33, she continues to moan and whine about the adult industry and how society treats her unfairly. We will not dive into any drama, but I agree that Bree Olson was one of the sexiest pornstars for her age at that time. Even now these scenes stand the test of time, something you can’t say for many of the female performers that left the adult industry more than 7 years ago.

Jia Lissa

Jia started as a lesbian pornstar and is now slowly migrating to glamour porn. Her beautiful face and expression are the best, as sexy as any other female performer here. Such ladder-like steps aren’t uncommon, especially for 21st-century pornstars. At first, you had to be a stripper or an escort to go from the unknown slut to something worthy, now it’s Chaturbate and similar sites that give birth to talent.

Jia Lissa and her personality seem suitable for the softest of porn. Although erotic anal is not out of question.

Faye Reagan

Our original article had only 10 girls and now that we cross the 20 sexiest pornstars mark, I think it dawned on me: it’s all about their eyes and mouth. Look at Faye, the first thing you see are those jelly tits that keep you distracted, but let’s analyze things further. It’s not the breasts that make her sexy, nor the motion. Look at her hands, how she moves, and see that slightly opened mouth.

That’s the secret. Lastly, you have over-done (in a good way) eye make-up. Crop that part out and tell me it’s not sexy because it is. Now compress all that and you have a perfect description of a sexy pornstar.

Malena Morgan

I don’t think it’s even fair to include this scene as two girls playing will always turn heads unless there is something repulsive about any of them. Malena Morgan (on the right) has a pair of the sexiest and deepest blue eyes of any pornstar. You could drown just staring at her.

Watching her makes me miss my ex, who always worked hard in bed, showed initiative, and improved every aspect of sex. Some girls act like starfish and it’s not pleasant but there is another type: girls that move with rhythm but in the worst way possible, to the point where you just tell them to stop. Malena is the complete opposite of that.


Christy Mack

A rather controversial-looking pornstar, Christy Mack has a fair share of fans and haters, but it’s fair to say that she is likely the only one that made it with her looks. Even with a shaved head (her hair grew back in this scene) and multiple tattoos, you can’t deny her sexiness factor.

This girl is not my type, but I would be blessed to fuck her. Why? Because she is a truly sexy pornstar. The wrinkles appear on her face as you slide that giant dick in? Divine. Tasting her pussy? I’m on the edge of my seat. Fucking non-stop like a hand-crafted machine? Marry me.


Marta LaCroft

Sexy sometimes can mean dirty and a slut like Marta LaCroft goes hand in hand with this description. Until now, I did not think that trashy-looking pornstars are even suited for this top 10 but consider me a believer. It is a compliment, not an insult as men love evil-looking performers that fans may use for a multitude of actions.

This porn video is a perfect way to make your fantasies come true and you cum, true. Or maybe I am the only one in this world who does not date models with tits larger than pineapples and a wardrobe that does not go to shreds under the smallest pressure.


Nadya Nabakova

When it comes to simplicity and natural beauty, it’s hard to argue that Nadya Nabakova doesn’t deserve a spot here. There’s even a hairy patch! There’s nothing sexier than purity. Previously filming under the name of Bunny Colby, this sexy amateur takes over the crown from a now retired, Stormy Daniels. The world’s most renowned MILF.

Nadya’s gaze, as you fuck her, is very dreamy, even toe-curling. She looks like a shy porn performer, but I’d be the one turning away from the intense eye contact of this white angel. Let’s forget plastic parts that many new females chase and appreciate someone as beautiful as Nabakova.


Kagney Linn Karter

Salivate over one of the sexiest, most beautiful bodies of the 2020s. The tits are perfect and so are those proportions. Unfortunately, any sex position from behind is unbearable for amateurs who have trouble lasting. The second you experience Linn Karter’s pussy texture, it’s already too late to pull out.

Fucking to the motion of the ocean on a loop that’s inhuman, this sensual diva provides a craving escape from daily chores. I wasn’t even horny before starting the sexiest porn stars list! It’s interesting how she balanced between petite and curvy before accelerating into the curvy pornstars territory.


Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross, a hot blonde with small tits but great body. The way she looks at the camera and smiles define sexy and this pornstar is not ashamed of anything, including fucking at your family dinner. A dirty devil of a pornstar.

If you want to see something weird, look at the dude’s legs and how they blend or touch with hers, some strange alien shit going on there. Some motion blur and bug fucking mess.


Scarlett Sage

So, we couldn’t just add one scene of hers and to appreciate all the sexiness and skills, here is a compilation of a few. New in the porn star business or adult business to be specific, she is still in her teens, not at the barely legal level but holy fuck, now I know what true love is.

Also, check out her beautiful smile, it is pretty much everyone, one of the most genuine things we have seen in a long time. I wish she taught my girlfriend how to use eyeliner as the way she makes her best qualities stand out amplifies the sexiness factor tenfold.


Jynx Maze

Anal is sexy unless you end up with shit on your dick, and even then, some people will just not care. Fun story: I used to laugh at my friend who always had bad luck only to experience the same thing that evening. As for Jynx, everyone knows this pornstar at this point so no need to introduce her.

Skinny body with rather sexy legs, all that gap, and shit between her thighs, a random-ass tattoo that is not hot, close to perfect looks, great anal experience, and the only downside is her small tits, but still, a sight to behold.


Mia Malkova

One of the sexiest pornstars and asses and one of the most beautiful blondes as well. God gave her everything and she is super-hot, like to the point where you are about to pass out. Purple lingerie, massive amounts of oil, pretty face, what else is there to it?

Also, good fucking skills and long hair that can be pulled as hard as you want. Anal is where it is with her and I would betray my children to fuck her for at least a second or two.


Angela White

Yeah, lick that asshole, bitch, taste it and clean it well. Another hot brunette pornstar for our sexiest whore’s compilation, Angela White. Pretty pussy lips that have been trimmed to perfection, massive tits, and either she is one of the best actresses in the world or she loves sex. I mean, who doesn’t? Well, my wife, and probably gangbang victims.

Let me tell you though, I do feel hungry now and a fresh asshole sounds like my cup of tea.


Little Caprice

Despite people whining that they were born too early or too late, the timing is just right for the porn viewers. Little Caprice started as an innocent European model who couldn’t do anything but shyly smile at the camera lens. Like, you wouldn’t even get masturbation videos, just Playboy-like teases with clothes on. Expecting anything else but the light nudity wasn’t even in the fantasies of her earliest fans, but things have since changed.

Like massive community demands for nudes and videos, Caprice’s interests also grew. She went from a sexy virgin to a full-on pornstar who has tried everything. Yet, even today, it’s still shocking to see her anal videos, making the evenings starring at the screen even hotter.

Charity Crawford

Now, this cute doll face and in this scene particularly is one of the hottest and sexiest things we have seen in a long time. Not the super famous pornstar, but I have warned you already that we will go for many different ones out there. Beautiful, Diva like a smile, innocent doll face like the look, adorable pussy, we can go on.

Good fucking God, wish I was her brother or some shit because she is into incest, hot porn, and nice and slow fucking.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

Sasha Rose

The sexiest cumshot scene ever, hands-on. Meet Sasha Rose, a brunette pornstar that just loves when you finish inside her and that alone is sexy. Nothing is hotter than seeing your cum drip out of a beautiful woman’s pussy unless she is enjoying it too.

Sasha’s expression says “oops, I did it again”. Beautiful smile, teeth, baby doll face, her mannerisms are something out of this world, and all in all, sexy pornstar she is. Thank you, Sasha.


Athena Palomino

If you want to get all sexy, erotica, and shit, then here is your porn star of the day: Athena Palomino. It’s like some director has finished watching American Beauty and decided to turn it into reality, thanks for that. I would expect this sort of sensual porn from X Art but nope, it is the good old Brazzers.

Now speaking of her, beautiful lingerie, perky little tits, above-average flexibility, and hair that must be hell to clean all the cum.


Blue Angel / Leila

When I think of the sexiest pornstars, I always remember this scene. For some reason, it always turned me on, and if you don’t understand why, consider how gay you are.

Seriously though, while I would never want to fuck someone while ten tons of sand are entering my dick hole and asshole, I can appreciate the fact that some pornstars are making the sacrifice to shoot one of the sexiest and hottest videos in the whole world.


Riley Reid

That is one of the hottest, sexiest, and hardcore sex scenes we have seen, and our body count is in thousands. It’s like they are both on some sort of fuck drug, because there is no way in hell that these two can fuck like that for a long time.

It has everything, asshole licking, rimjobs, aggressive hot sex, sexy and slow plowing, deepthroating, multiple positions, anal, the list just keeps on growing. Trust me, if you haven’t seen the full thing, you have not lived.

Source: ($1).

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