List of Top 10 Sweden Pornstars 2023

We looked into the Top 10 Sweden Pornstars based on their popularity, scene performances, awards, and more. Do these pornstars really stand out from the rest? Read the Top 10 Sweden Pornstars 2023!

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Sweden has a relatively small adult industry compared to other countries. The production, distribution, and consumption of pornography are legal in Sweden, but there are strict regulations and restrictions on certain types of content.

For example, pornography that portrays violence, degradation, or coercion is prohibited. The age of consent for participating in pornography is also higher than the general age of consent in Sweden, at 18 years old.

Sweden is known for its progressive approach to sexuality and gender equality, which has influenced the country’s approach to the adult industry. Many adult industry professionals in Sweden are advocates for gender equality, workers’ rights, and ethical production practices.


The adult industry in Sweden is also influenced by the country’s high tax rates and social welfare system. Many adult industry professionals are classified as self-employed or independent contractors, which can result in higher taxes and limited access to social welfare benefits.

In recent years, there has been growing concern about the impact of pornography on individuals and society, which has led to debates about potential regulations and restrictions on the adult industry in Sweden. However, the industry remains legal and regulated under current laws.

Top 10 Sweden Pornstars

You might have a difficult time thinking of famous pornstars from Sweden, and we don’t blame you! There is actually not a lot to choose from, which is a shame! The average Swedish girl is very beautiful and has the characteristics that many men dream of. Beautiful blonde hair, tall, and more often than not.

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You might have a difficult time thinking of famous pornstars from Sweden, and we don’t blame you! There is actually not a lot to choose from, which is a shame!

The average Swedish girl is very beautiful and has the characteristics that many men dream of. Beautiful blonde hair, tall, and more often than not, a set of nice big boobs.
Still, it’s not very common that a Swedish girl decides to become a porn star (and be successful).

As always though, we did the dirty work of finding 10 Swedish pornstars worth watching. Enjoy our pick of some of the most beautiful pornstars from Sweden.

Amanda Bredén

amanda bredén
amanda bredén

If you’re looking for Swedish porn stars with big boobs, you’ve come to the right list! Amanda Bredén is here to prove that point! With her amazing looks she has got the full attention of many Pornhub users where she goes under the name of SWE MANDA.

As per today, she has gained over 5600 subscribers and more than 2.4 million views total.

Like any modern porn star, she also has an OnlyFans page, Instagram, and a Modelhub page. If you love Swedish porn stars but you’re not too familiar with the amateur porn stars yet, we advise you to start watching this cutie.



Amadani is another beautiful Swedish porn star who became very famous on Pornhub.

She doesn’t make professional porn in the sense of working with a big company and shooting scenes, but she does earn a living making her own porn.

Amadani also has a set of huge boobs which she loves to flaunt in her many free videos on Pornhub. As for social media, she has everything you want.

Snapchat, modelhub, Instragram, you name it, she’s got it. Enjoy your time watching this amazing Swedish pornstar.

Maja Johansson

maja johansson
maja johansson

You probably understand by now that this list is going to be a nice mix of bonafide hardcore porn stars and porn content creators who earn their money through Onlyfans and Modelhub.

Kinky Maja is one of those creators and she has a lot of success. Look her up on Pornhub and you’ll soon find out she has a whole bunch of videos with a range of kinks and fetishes.

Blowjob videos, solo videos, or videos in which she gets dicked down hard, it’s all there. She has the typical looks of a Swedish girl and a nice pair of tits.

She’s got a Twitter page and an Onlyfans page. But, if you want to spoil her, you can even go to her Amazon wishlist.

Jill Poison

jill poison
jill poison

The next beautiful Swedish pornstar is part of the new age of porn stars who mostly (or only) work for themselves using websites like OnlyFans and Manyvids.

Jill is absolutely crazy about blowjobs, as she mentions in her Manyvids bio. Well, that becomes quite apparent when you look at her video collection which consists of mainly blowjob videos.

Honestly, she has extremely beautiful eyes and a perfect smile so it’s weird to say but she has an amazing face for blowjobs.

Jill is still very young, only 20 years old. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to find young Swedish pornstars these days, so I advise you to enjoy her as much as you can.

She’s active on Chaturbate, although her last show (and uploads) we’re a few months ago so she might be taking a break for now.

Unfortunately, you can only see her tweets when she accepts your follow and, well, she hasn’t given us access yet.

Swedish Felisie

swedish felisie
swedish felisie

There is no doubt that our next babe is from Sweden! It’s even in her name; Swedish Felisie! She is very proud of where she’s from and also has features that are very typical for Swedish ladies.

Her beautiful blonde hair and big fake boobs leave you without any doubt of where she is from.
With 44 videos on Pornhub, we feel like there is still loads more to come from this amazing babe and we will follow her career with great interest.

If you want to do the same, she makes it very easy to do so! With a twitter page, an OnlyFans, and a Modelhub, you can always stay up-to-date on her latest content.

Sanna Rough

sanna rough
sanna rough

The next one on our list did not become famous through Pornhub but by doing professional porn shoots.

Sanna might be a bit of an acquired taste since, as her name suggests, she mainly does rough and hardcore porn.

With her big red lips and huge boobs, she let’s you know that not every Swedish girl is cute and innocent. She does everything taboo and more.

Sanna is one of those Teen Pornstars Who Does Anal in a way that you never want to see anything else.

Even though she became famous through the traditional way, she also has a Twitter page which you can follow if you want to stay up-to-date on her work.

In fact, she even has her own blog on which she posts videos regularly.

Miss Banana

miss banana
miss banana

Miss Banana might be a bit of a cheesy name, but it does tell you right away what she loves the most.

Sucking cock is what this beautiful Swedish girl is most famous for and she has great success with it on Pornhub.

Even though her main niche is blowjobs, she does in fact have videos in which she gets dicked down hard.

Call it what you want, Miss Banana is another porn star who became famous through Pornhub and has all the social media to go with it.

This new wave of porn stars seems to come standard with their own ModelHub page, Twitter, etc.

Enjoy all those things, but first see here in action, right here on

Jennica Lynn

jennica lynn
jennica lynn

Our next porn star is not someone who became famous on Pornhub. In fact, there is not a single video of her to be found on that website.

To watch her in action, your best bet is to go to any other porn tube site and watch her videos there. And you might want to do that if you love big boobs.

Jennica probably has one of the biggest pairs in the business!

As for social media, she’s on there! With almost a quarter of a million followers, she’s doing just fine on Twitter.

There is also an OnlyFans page if that is your thing.

Lynna Nilsson

lynna nilsson
lynna nilsson

One of the hottest Swedish pornstars who became famous through the traditional way of doing porn and who’s been in the business for quite a while now is Lynna Nilsson.

If you came looking for Swedish girls, she’ll make you more than happy.

However, she doesn’t have the biggest pair of boobs, so if that’s your thing we recommend you look elsewhere.

She has all the social media pages you can wish for, although she might not have as many followers as other girls on this list.

Why that is is for you to find out and we wish you the best of luck with that. As for now, you can enjoy on of the many videos she has on Pornhub.

Puma Swede

puma swede
puma swede

Of course, no list of Swedish porn stars is complete without mentioning the amazing Puma Swede! She has done so much for the industry and for porn in Sweden that she has earned legend status.

Puma Swede is the kind of porn star who doesn’t really need a mention of her country.

I don’t like to say she’s an amazing Swedish porn star, no, she is simply an amazing Porn star, full stop.

I don’t think we need to tell you this, but of course Puma Swede has plenty of social media pages and it’s really easy to keep up-to-date on her latest work.

She’s perfect if you’re interested in Swedish porn stars and you don’t know where to start.

Heck, you might not even need anyone else since she’ll probably give you all that you’ve been looking for.


Q. What is pornography?

A. Pornography is a form of media that depicts sexual activity with the intention of arousing the viewer. It can include images, videos, audio, and written content.

Q. Is pornography legal?

A. The legality of pornography varies depending on the country and jurisdiction. In Sweden, pornography is legal as long as it does not involve minors, animals, or non-consenting adults.

Q. How is pornography produced?

A. Pornography is produced by performers who engage in sexual activity in front of a camera. This footage is then edited and distributed through various channels, such as adult websites, DVDs, and streaming services.

Q. Are performers in the adult entertainment industry exploited?

A. There have been reports of exploitation and abuse in the adult entertainment industry, including instances of performers being coerced or forced to perform sexual acts against their will. It’s important to support ethical and consensual practices in the industry and to prioritize the well-being of performers.

Q. How can I consume pornography ethically?

A. Consuming pornography ethically involves supporting productions that prioritize the safety and well-being of performers. This can include paying for content from ethical producers, avoiding content that appears non-consensual or exploitative, and advocating for the rights of performers in the industry.


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