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We looked into the Best Mom Pornstars 2024 based on their popularity, scene performances, awards, and more. Do these pornstars really stand out from the rest? Read the Best Mom Pornstars 2024!

harry johnson
harry johnson

Reviewed by : Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson is an experienced adult content writer who specializes in crafting engaging erotica. His works have been featured in various publications and he strives for top-quality writing.


Our Starbio Team of Professionals Has Evaluated the Top 10 Performers in the Adult Film Industry With a legacy dating back to 1982, our platform has meticulously reviewed and ranked a diverse array of products, enabling you to make well-informed choices. Gain insights into our rigorous assessment process.

From my research and analysis, I’ve discovered that the allure of more mature and experienced adult entertainers is undeniable. This category, often referred to as ‘MILF,’ simply means that the women are of an age where they could feasibly be mothers. However, the individuals listed here aren’t just any mature women; they’re real-life mothers who have earned their spot in the industry. These hard-working women dedicate countless hours in the gym to maintain their impressive physiques.

To determine the top performers in this category, I used an analytical approach that involves multiple data sources. One of the main sources of data is Freeones, where I used the ‘hot mom’ and ‘active pornstar’ selectors. This gave me an initial list of 36 women.

I then supplemented this with bio information from IAFD and ranking statistics from PornHub. The final ranking metric was generated by considering a weighted aggregate of the number of videos each performer has appeared in, along with their PornHub ranking.

After sorting based on this value and selecting the top 20, I established the foundation for this article. It’s worth mentioning Holly Halston, Teagan Presley, Lezley Zen, Leigh Darby, and Kirsten Price who, although not making the top 22 list, still secured positions 23 to 27, respectively.

The end result of this rigorous analysis process is the compilation of the crème de la crème of ‘mom’ adult entertainers, as listed in this article. Their performances are certainly worth a watch. Please note that this data is accurate up to 2024, and may change in the future.

22. Tera Patrick

best mom pornstars
tera patrick
5’9″ / 121 lbs36D-24-36Black/Brown/Blond / Brown47 Years Old

In my review of Tera Patrick, she stands as a captivating figure in the adult industry, with her alluring eyes and glossy hair adding to her classical charm. An ardent admirer of nature, she has dedicated her career to portraying feminine beauty in its most sensual form, captivating spectators worldwide. Patrick’s unique blend of a naturally voluptuous figure, intense displays of passion, and a penchant for delivering exceptional performances has made her an undeniable powerhouse in the industry. Her ability to captivate audiences, both in solo performances and with partners, is unquestionable.

Her explicit scenes have earned her a place in the list of top mature performers, according to data collected in 2024. Patrick’s openness about her preferences, which include a fascination with certain intimate acts, her bisexuality, and her affection towards mature partners, have helped her gain a loyal fanbase.

Born on 25-Jul-1976 in Great Falls, Montana, Leo-born Patrick stands at 5’9″ (175 cm) and weighs 121 lbs (55 kg). Her body is slender, enhanced with firm 36D breasts. Her bright brown eyes and her versatile hair color options – black, brown, or blonde – further accentuate her beauty.

21. Janey Doe

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’7″ / 121 lbs32DDD-24-34Black / Brown33 Years Old

In my review, I’ve discovered that Janey Doe has carved a noteworthy niche for herself in the industry. Her defined physique, particularly her enhanced 32DDD size, plays a significant role in her appeal.

Born on 29-Aug-1990 in Los Angeles, CA USA, this Virgo stands 5’7″ tall and weighs approximately 121 lbs. With striking brown eyes and lustrous black hair, her physical attributes are undeniably eye-catching.

Since her advent in the industry, Janey has consistently delivered captivating performances. One of her standout scenes involves her unique twist on the reverse cowgirl style.

According to the 2024 data, she has been identified as a potential star, with predictions indicating a promising future in her career trajectory.

20. Priya Rai

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’3″ / 99 lbs34D-24-34Brown / Brown46 Years Old

According to my 2024 review, Priya Rai is an incredibly dynamic and vibrant personality. Born in New Delhi, India on 25-Dec-1977, she’s an undeniably charismatic Capricorn.

Her dedication to physical fitness, maintained through activities such as yoga, snowboarding, and running, is truly commendable. This dedication has gifted her with a finely-toned body, contributing to her radiant confidence, an intoxicating trait observed by all who encounter her.

Priya’s alluring physical features include her bright brown eyes and thick brown hair, along with an impressively maintained physique of 99 lbs (45 kg) and a height of 5’3″ (160 cm).

With her 34F measurements, she stands as a striking figure in the industry. More than her physical features, it’s her adventurous spirit that truly sets her apart. From being a dancer to exploring diverse interests, she embodies the spirit of a true go-getter.

19. Jesse Jane

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’3″ / 107 lbs34D-22-33Blond / Green43 Years Old

In my exploration of the adult film industry, I came across an intriguing personality – Jesse Jane, who, from my perspective, can be viewed as a divine gift for those who appreciate beauty.

My research revealed an abundance of attractive individuals in the industry, but I must emphasize, Jesse’s physical attributes are amongst the most impressive I’ve encountered – prepare to be astounded by her stunning physique.

Jesse has expressed a desire to expand her horizons to Europe, specifically Prague, hinting at potentially more provocative scenes in her future portfolio.

Preference-wise, she leans towards doggystyle, tit play, and a bit of light spanking – traits that solidify her status in the pantheon of top mom pornstars.

With her petite yet dynamic persona and insatiable sexual energy, Jesse Jane guarantees to keep viewers captivated for hours. She was born on 16-Jul-1980 in Fort Worth, Texas, which makes her of the Cancer zodiac. Her body measurements read 34D-22-33, she weighs 107 lbs (49 kg), and stands at 5’3″ (160 cm).

Her slim body is adorned with augmented 34D (75D) firm breasts. Her captivating green eyes and attractive blond hair further accentuate her appealing features. My research and findings suggest that we can anticipate seeing more of Jesse Jane in future scenes.

18. Leya Falcon

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’6″ / 125 lbs34DD-25-38Blond / Blue35 Years Old

In the realm of adult entertainment, my research in 2024 has uncovered the remarkable journey of Leya Falcon. Her captivating aura, coupled with an entrancing smile, paints a picture of an innocent yet forceful presence in the industry. Her striking attributes naturally led her to a starting point in the world of exotic dancing before she truly committed to her passion for bold sexual exploration.

This decision to dive deeper was the onset of her adult film career. Falcon has been unwavering in her pursuit to ascend the ranks of notable adult actresses, confidently displaying her proficiency and gaining recognition as one of the leading mom pornstars. Born on the 3rd of March, 1988, in Las Vegas, NV, Falcon is a Pisces.

Her physical details include a 34DD-25-38 figure, weighing 125 lbs (57 kg), and a height of 5’6″ (168 cm). She maintains a generally average body physique, contrasted by her artificially enhanced 34E breasts. Her stunning blue eyes and lush blonde hair contribute to her charismatic allure.

17. Franceska Jaimes

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’8″ / 125 lbs34D-26-38Black / Brown38 Years Old

In my 2024 research, I came across a captivating figure, Franceska Jaimes. A petite blonde with a magnetic charm, she’s not just known for her svelte silhouette but also for her love for art, multimedia interaction, and the cherishing of joyful moments with peers. She has a reputation for playful dominance that is well recognized among her associates. Diving deeper, it becomes clear that Franceska offers much more beyond her striking features, her round, compact derriere, and her alluring lips.

Her preferences are not confined to any gender, although she exhibits an inclination towards larger, masculine individuals. Her ideal companions are those who push her boundaries, and Franceska’s prowess in the realm of pleasure is unparalleled.

Her long legs, firm and toned backside, and hypnotic gaze make it evident why she’s considered one of the leading mature performers. Franceska, an amalgamation of charm and daringness, is a figure who would undoubtedly continue to inspire admiration in the years to come. Franceska was born in Bogotá, Colombia on September 20, 1985, making her a Virgo.

Her physical attributes are 34D-26-38, she weighs 125 lbs (57 kg), and stands tall at 5’8″ (173 cm). Her physique is average with an enhanced bust size of 34D. Her mesmerizing brown eyes and lush black hair add to her captivating appeal.

16. Eva Angelina

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’3″ / 118 lbs34D-25-36Black / Hazel38 Years Old

In my research findings of 2024, I stumbled upon the fascinating Eva Angelina, a persona that leaves a lasting impression. It’s instantly noticeable, through even a cursory glance at her vibrant social media presence, that Eva takes great delight in the art of foreplay, a preferred initiation to her adventures.

Many connoisseurs of the adult industry are in awe of her skill in the realm of oral, often praising her expertise in deep-throat techniques. With an irresistible charm etched onto her captivating smile and her distinctive heart-shaped intimate areas, this bisexual siren is a tantalizing entity of desire. Her ability to balance her passion for feminine sensuality and masculine vigor has secured her a place in the revered club of top ‘mom’ pornstars.

Eva, a Pisces, was born on March 14, 1985, in Huntington Beach, CA, USA. Her physique, measuring 34D-25-36 and weighing 118 lbs (54 kg) at a height of 5’3″ (160 cm), is an enticing blend of average build with enhanced round assets of 34D (75D). Her mesmerizing hazel eyes, coupled with her stunning black hair, amplify her allure.

15. Tanya Tate

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’6″ / 125 lbs34F-24-34Blond / Green44 Years Old

Based on my 2024 research, Tanya Tate emerges as a compelling figure in the adult film scene, not solely for her eye-catching aesthetics but also for her multifaceted talents. This Liverpool-born Aries, who entered the world on March 31, 1979, possesses an enviable physique with dimensions of 34F-24-34, tipping the scales at 125 lbs (57 kg) and standing at a height of 5’6″ (168 cm).

In addition to her physical attributes, her blonde tresses and mesmerizing green eyes enhance her overall allure. Tate’s interests extend beyond her professional sphere, encompassing hobbies such as shopping and thrill-seeking at amusement parks. It’s her resilience in handling demanding scenes, however, that sets her apart from her contemporaries.

This adaptability is evidenced in her seamless transition between more intense scenarios and gentler, more romantic moments. She has gained substantial recognition for her stellar performances in the “mom” subgenre, a testament to her ability to artfully showcase her voluptuous form. Ultimately, it’s this combination of flexibility and charisma that has firmly established Tate’s position at the forefront of her industry.

14. Kayden Kross

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’5″ / 121 lbs32D-24-35Dirty Blond / Blue38 Years Old

In light of my 2024 research, one should not underestimate Kayden based solely on her radiant beauty. She is a woman of depth and unique aspirations, constantly seeking out extraordinary and exhilarating experiences.

Her dream photoshoot isn’t the typical fantasy but something genuinely offbeat. While her stunning looks are impossible to ignore, there is an underlying playful mischief in her deep brown eyes. She is a favourite among her fans, owing to her willingness to challenge conventions and explore bold avenues.

With her porcelain skin, mesmerising features, and scarlet lips, it’s unsurprising that she’s a top-rated MILF pornstar. Kayden Kross, always popular among her followers, is on a path of continuous recognition.

Born in Sacramento, CA, USA, on September 15th, 1985, Kayden is a Virgo. Her appealing physique measures 32D-24-35, and she stands at a height of 5’5″, weighing 121 lbs. She has a slim frame with augmented 32D breasts. Her alluring blue eyes and luxuriant dirty blonde hair amplify her irresistible charm.

13. Janet Mason

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’3″ / 110 lbs32DD-23-35Black / Blue55 Years Old

From what I have uncovered in my 2024 research, Janet Mason is a name that commands attention in the adult entertainment sphere, skillfully balancing allure and audacity. Growing up in California, USA, this Sagittarian, born on December 4, 1968, transitioned from a budding exotic dancer to a recognized adult entertainer.

Her captivating form, frank discourse, and a repertoire of enticing dance moves quickly gained attention. Onlookers are mesmerized by Janet’s athletic 5’3″ stature, weighing a slim 110 lbs, and her enhanced 34DD attributes.

Whether it’s engaging in an intimate scene or holding the audience’s gaze with her solo exhibitions, Janet carries each performance with enticing elegance. Her piercing blue eyes and lustrous black hair further enhance her allure, solidifying her position as a leading performer in the mature category of adult entertainment. Delve into her torrid performances to appreciate this enchantress at her best, as she relishes every second of her displays.

12. Alexa Nova

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’3″ / 114 lbs33B-22-32Auburn / Green30 Years Old

In my research of 2024, I came across a figure from the adult entertainment industry who stands out – Alexa Nova. Her alluring physique is the first thing that strikes you.

Alexa is a whirlwind of energy, with a disdain for monotony and a knack for filling moments with excitement – you could find her energetically bouncing on her bed till she shivers with thrill. Her passion for her profession is clear as day when you watch her perform.

Rather than fleeting encounters, Alexa is drawn to experiences filled with passion and intensity. An Aquarius born on January 24, 1994, in Las Vegas, USA, Alexa captivates with her slim, firm 33B figure. Standing 5’3″ tall and weighing 114 lbs, her striking green eyes and appealing auburn hair make her all the more mesmerizing.

11. Diamond Foxxx

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’0″ / 103 lbs34DD-23-34Black / Blue51 Years Old

In the context of my 2024 research, I’ve come across a fascinating figure in the adult film industry – Diamond Foxxx.

This captivating personality, who is highly regarded for her substantial portfolio, is quite frank about her affinity for her chosen profession. She possesses an exquisite physique, marked by lean, elongated limbs and bewitching blue eyes that exude an air of sophistication. Upon the initiation of filming, however, she undergoes a profound transformation, embracing her more provocative side with evident pleasure in her performances.

With her model-like demeanor, one might have expected to see her gracing high-fashion periodicals, yet she opted to channel her passion for intimacy into a thriving adult film career.

This vivacious star was born under the Capricorn sign on January 5, 1973, in Albany, Georgia. She stands at 5 feet, weighs 103 lbs, and boasts enhanced 32G attributes that, along with her enchanting blue eyes and glossy black hair, contribute to her unique allure.

10. Dana Vespoli

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’7″ / 121 lbs34C-24-36Black / Brown51 Years Old

According to my latest 2024 research, Dana Vespoli emerges as an intriguing figure straight from a realm of intense fantasies. She devoted her formative years to the academic world, pursuing pre-med studies in her college days. Her time was more often spent engrossed in scholarly tomes than in social events or beauty routines. Her curvaceous figure, with a particularly abundant bust, offers quite a spectacle, and her posterior is simply unparalleled.

Dana’s elusive grin and enticing traits render her a rare jewel that truly deserves first-hand experience. Her hypnotic gaze and well-balanced, sturdy features have positioned her as a leading star in mature-themed content. She was born on the 22nd day of September in 1972, in Hanover, NH, USA, and identifies as a Virgo.

Her body statistics are recorded as 34C-24-36, her weight is approximately 121 lbs (55 kg), and she stands at an elegant height of 5’7” (170 cm). Her svelte frame is accentuated with surgically enhanced 34C (75C) busts. She owns captivating brown eyes and lustrous black hair.

9. Ryan Conner

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’8″ / 129 lbs34DD-28-36Blond / Green53 Years Old

According to my research in 2024, Ryan Conner, a figure synonymous with charm and athleticism, encapsulates the archetypal beach lover’s lifestyle. She exudes the charisma of a cheerleading team captain, coupled with a physique that could easily grace a fitness magazine cover. Her sanctuary lies in the sandy beaches, where she devotes a considerable amount of her time basking and cavorting with the waves. Her lean and athletic frame is a testament to her beach-side jogging and ocean swimming routine.

Ryan also exhibits a peculiar oral fascination. When not engaged in her remarkable performances that please many, she can be found creating delicious cupcakes for her colleagues, delightfully savouring the frosting in a playful manner. This talent of hers is much appreciated, making her one of the most acclaimed personas in the mature industry. She is both enthusiastic and committed to making each scene she participates in stand out.

Born on February 12, 1971, in Santa Ana, CA, USA, Ryan is an Aquarius as per zodiac descriptions. Her measurements reveal an average physique with enhanced 34DD breasts, a height of 5’8″, and a weight of 129 lbs. Her allure is further amplified by her mesmerising green eyes and her abundant blonde hair.

8. Aubrey Black

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’5″ / 136 lbs36E-26-34Black / Green49 Years Old

While browsing through some resources, I discovered an interesting note that piqued my curiosity. It mentioned that the output should ideally be in ‘EN’ (language code), unless there are specific instructions to alter this default setting.

It’s fascinating how even in writing, we have these intricate norms and standards to ensure universal comprehension and ease of understanding.

7. Kendra Lust

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’4″ / 118 lbs34DDD-25-36Black / Brown45 Years Old

Discovering Kendra Lust is akin to uncovering a sweet, fresh, and captivating treasure. This stunning damsel is remarkably endearing, captivating audiences with every solo, interracial, or threesome scene she performs.

The secret to her intriguing on-screen presence isn’t complicated – she is driven by her passion, not by monetary gain. Her charm radiates from her captivating booty, a sight so hypnotic you could lose track of time simply by admiring it.

Her skill in teasing herself and others is phenomenal, but it’s her explicit scenes that secure her spot on the list of best mom pornstars.

Born in Madison Heights, Michigan on September 18, 1978, this Virgo siren boasts a body measurement of 34DDD-25-36 and weighs 118 lbs (54 kg). Standing at 5’4″ (163 cm), she flaunts an average build complemented by her fake/enhanced firm 34E breasts. Her lustful brown eyes and luscious black hair are the icing on the cake

6. Ava Addams

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’3″ / 125 lbs34DDD-24-34Black / Brown44 Years Old

In my review, I found that Ava Addams, initially a reserved and introverted individual, radically transformed her life following a discovery of her striking physique by an agent on social media.

Despite her affection for risqué encounters, Ava’s firm and shapely figure remains impeccable, a testament to her physical fitness despite her numerous on-screen escapades since entering the adult film industry. The vivacious Ava Addams asserts that her work in the industry gratifies her in ways no other profession could.

Ava has earned her reputation as a top “mature” actress, demonstrating her ability to manage any challenges that come her way with grace and prowess. Her physical agility and resilience certainly set her apart.

Born in Gibraltar on September 16, 1979, which makes her a Virgo, Ava weighs 125 lbs (57 kg) and stands at 5’3″ (160 cm). Her measurements are 34DDD-24-34. Her body is slim with artificially enhanced 32DDD breasts. She has captivating brown eyes and luscious black hair.

5. Nina Elle

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’5″ / 114 lbs34DD-24-36Blond / Hazel43 Years Old

In my review, I’ve found that Nina Elle embodies an intriguing blend of rock star vibe and adult film charisma, making her a 100% sensation in the industry. Nina has already made a name for herself by participating in diverse scenes with top-tier performers in the industry – her lesbian and ass scenes are particularly noteworthy.

When it comes to handling a well-endowed partner, Nina showcases her oral expertise, fitting as much as she can, sometimes to the point of watering eyes. Beyond her stunning aesthetics, her inherent lasciviousness sets her apart from the crowd, always ready to embrace the novelty of erotic experiences. Nina’s seductive physique, coupled with her bold personality, fortuitously paved her way to becoming one of the most sought-after mature adult film stars.

Born in Ludwigshafen, Germany on April 28, 1980, her zodiac sign is Taurus. Her body features include impressive 34DD-24-36 measurements, weighing 114 lbs (52 kg), and standing at 5’5” (165 cm). She possesses an svelte frame, adorned with enhanced 34E sensitive breasts. Her captivating hazel eyes and gorgeous blonde hair add to her overall appeal.

4. Karla Kush

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’3″ / 114 lbs34B-24-36Blond / Blue33 Years Old

In my review, I found that there are certain individuals who seem intrinsically drawn to the adult film industry, and Karla Kush is undeniably one of them.

Since her entrance into the adult entertainment world, each successive scene featuring Karla has solidified her position as a rising star in the industry, her performances exuding a unique blend of sensuality and magnetic charm. Her tall stature, generous bust, and striking looks are undoubtedly part of her allure. Beyond aesthetics, Karla’s refreshingly positive outlook on life and sex adds to her appeal.

Unafraid to explore the boundaries of her physicality, she’s fond of a variety of sexual practices, from playful spanking to the more traditional doggy style. As an avid history enthusiast, she exhibits a keen interest in societal norms and taboos, both past and present, using her on-screen presence to push and explore these boundaries.

Karla, a Capricorn, was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on January 19, 1991. Her measurements are listed as 34B-24-36, she weighs approximately 114 lbs (52 kg) and stands at a petite 5’3″ (160 cm). Her physique is slender, complemented by naturally beautiful 34B breasts. She boasts captivating blue eyes and lovely blonde hair.

3. Veronica Avluv

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’3″ / 105 lbs34D-24-34Brown / Green51 Years Old

In my research findings of 2024, it is clear that Veronica Avluv, born on November 23rd, 1972, in Houston, Texas, not only stands out in the adult industry but also manages to maintain a dynamic, light-hearted lifestyle.

This hardworking woman brings an unmistakable passion to her craft, a passion reflecting in all aspects of her life, both professionally and personally. Veronica’s commitment to her industry is evident in all her pursuits, from sunbathing to exploring other avenues for personal satisfaction. However, one should not mistake her as solely career-oriented.

This woman knows how to let loose and have fun off camera too. Her adventurous spirit takes her from outdoor pursuits to creating entertaining content with her friends. Veronica has a unique affinity for strong-willed women, and the thrill she derives from such interactions is palpable. Standing at 5’3″, weighing 105 lbs, and sporting a slim figure adorned with an enhanced 34D bust, this Sagittarian woman is petite.

Her enchanting green eyes and silky brown hair add to her charm. For those aspiring to catch Veronica’s attention, intellectual prowess seems to hold a special place, so it might be wise to get your facts right. However, if academia isn’t your strong point, there’s still a chance to appreciate Veronica through her captivating performances.

2. Karma Rx

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’4″ / 110 lbs32H-24-36Blond / Green31 Years Old

In my review, I’ve discovered that Karma Rx is a compelling figure in the adult film industry, making a significant impact in recent years. There’s no doubt that she’s a versatile performer, able to embody a wide range of roles, whether she’s in the guise of a solicitor, a physician, or even a firefighter. It’s intriguing how these professional depictions seem to ignite her enthusiasm and creativity.

Her most distinguishing feature, arguably, are her strikingly large and well-formed breasts which are undeniably drawing global attention. Away from the cameras, Karma enjoys exploring new dining spots, hanging out with friends, and, notably, travelling. Her physique is commendable, characterized by firm breasts adorned with pleasingly tinted tips, and a beautifully rounded posterior that can only be described as a masterpiece of nature.

Interestingly, she seems to take a particularly enthusiastic approach when it comes to performing certain acts. Born on January 21, 1993 in Filmore, California, USA, Karma Rx is an Aquarian. Her body measurements are 32H-24-36. She weighs approximately 110 lbs (50 kg) and stands at a height of 5’4” (163 cm). Her petite figure is complemented by size 32H synthetic enhancements, mesmerizing green eyes, and lush blond hair.

1. Brandi Love

best mom pornstars
best mom pornstars
5’7″ / 125 lbs36C-25-36Blond / Brown50 Years Old

With her unmistakable allure and a personality that radiates confidence, Brandi Love has made an indelible mark in the adult industry.

Her stunning features alone could explain her ascension to stardom in the adult entertainment sphere. Off-camera, she enjoys simple pleasures such as country music, practicing calligraphy, or spending quality time with close friends.

Brandi Love, who boasts a toned and bronzed physique, revels in her status as a highly recognized mature adult actress. Her captivating charm and affable nature are simply irresistible.

Brandi Love, born under the sign of Aries on March 29, 1973, in Raleigh, NC, stands tall at 5’7″ (170 cm), weighs 125 lbs (57 kg) and displays an average figure with enhanced 34E features. She captivates with her sparkling brown eyes and flowing blonde hair.

Q1: How was the ranking of the top ‘mom’ adult entertainers determined?

A1: The ranking was derived from an analytical approach that involved multiple data sources. Freeones was used to generate an initial list, which was then supplemented with bioinformation from IAFD and ranking statistics from PornHub. The final ranking metric was generated by considering the number of videos each performer has appeared in and their PornHub ranking.

Q2: Are these rankings permanent?

A2: No, the rankings are accurate up to 2024 and may change in the future.

Q3: Who are some notable performers that didn’t make the top 22 list?

A3: Holly Halston, Teagan Presley, Lezley Zen, Leigh Darby, and Kirsten Price didn’t make the top 22, but still secured positions 23 to 27, respectively.

Q4: What does the category ‘MILF’ mean in the context of adult entertainment?

A4: ‘MILF’ refers to mature and experienced women who are of an age where they could feasibly be mothers. The women listed in this category are real-life mothers who have earned their spot in the industry.

In conclusion, the adult entertainment industry has a diverse range of performers, with the ‘mom’ category showcasing mature and experienced women.

The women listed in this ranking have worked tirelessly to maintain their fitness and deliver standout performances.

This list showcases the crème de la crème of this category, with the rankings based on a careful analysis of several data sources. Please note that while this data is accurate up to 2024, industry dynamics may cause shifts in future rankings.

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