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Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer several sponsorship opportunities to our partners, including sponsored content, display advertising, and email marketing. We work with sponsors to develop campaigns that align with our values and are relevant to our readers.

Sponsored Content

We offer sponsored content opportunities to our sponsors who want to promote their products or services. We only accept sponsored content that is relevant to our readers and aligns with our values. All sponsored content is labeled as such and is subject to our editorial guidelines.

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We offer display advertising opportunities to our sponsors. Display ads are placed on various pages throughout our website, including our homepage and individual top 10 list pages. We offer a range of ad sizes and placements to suit our sponsors’ needs.

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We offer email marketing opportunities to our sponsors who want to promote their products or services to our subscribers. Our email newsletters are sent to subscribers who have opted-in to receive updates from us. We only send emails that are relevant to our subscribers and align with our values.

Editorial Independence

Our editorial team maintains full editorial independence and control over the content on our website. Our sponsors have no control over the content that we produce, and we do not allow sponsors to influence our editorial decisions.


We disclose all sponsored content and advertising on our website. Sponsored content is clearly labeled as such, and display ads are clearly distinguishable from our editorial content.

We are committed to transparency and honesty with our readers and sponsors. We believe that clear disclosure is essential to maintaining trust and integrity with our audience.


We value our sponsors’ support and understand the importance of delivering high-quality content to our readers. We are committed to working with sponsors who share our values and are relevant to our readers.

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