25 Trendsetting Nude Instagram Models to Follow in 2023


  • Nudity is not allowed on Instagram, but some exceptions allow people to share semi-nude photos.
  • Nude Instagram influencers are models and individuals who believe in body positivity and want to show confidence through their photos.
  • These influencers share nude images based on Instagram guidelines and sometimes aim to make them more artistic.

In a world where social media platforms often censor nudity, Instagram has its own set of guidelines regarding the sharing of semi-nude photos. While full-on nudity is strictly prohibited, there are exceptions that allow individuals to express themselves through tasteful and artistic representations of the human body.

Nude Instagram Models are at the forefront of this movement, embracing body positivity and empowering others to do the same. These influencers use their platform to showcase their confidence and challenge societal norms surrounding nudity. By sharing their own nude images, they aim to inspire others to embrace their bodies as well.

It’s important to note that these influencers adhere to Instagram’s guidelines when it comes to nudity. They carefully curate their content, making sure it aligns with the platform’s policies while still expressing their message of self-love and acceptance. Some even go a step further by infusing artistry into their nude photos, creating visually stunning and thought-provoking images.

These artistic representations of the human form not only challenge traditional beauty standards but also serve as a medium for self-expression. Through careful composition, lighting, and posing, these influencers transform what could be seen as explicit into something beautiful and captivating. They blur the line between nudity and art, sparking conversations about body image, sexuality, and societal taboos.

In the following sections, we will explore some of the hottest nude Instagram influencers in 2023 who have gained popularity for their body-positive messages, artistic endeavors, and unique perspectives. From dancers and models to photographers and comedians, these individuals are breaking barriers and changing the way we perceive nudity on social media. So, let’s dive in and discover the vibrant world of nude Instagram influencers.

Finding Nude Instagram Influencers

When it comes to finding nude influencers on Instagram, the process can be quite challenging and time-consuming. However, there are a few methods you can use to streamline your search:

  • Search by Name or Hashtags: One way to find nude influencers is by searching for their names directly on Instagram. This can be effective if you already know the influencer you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can search for relevant hashtags such as #nudeinfluencer or #bodypositivity to discover new accounts.
  • Ainfluencer Website: If you’re looking for an easier and more efficient way to find nude Instagram influencers, I recommend using the Ainfluencer website. This platform allows you to browse through a curated list of influencers and filter them based on various criteria such as niche, follower count, engagement rate, and more. It saves you time by providing a comprehensive database of influencers in one place.

By utilizing these methods, you can navigate through the vast sea of Instagram profiles and discover the hottest nude influencers who align with your interests and preferences. Whether you’re seeking body positivity advocates or artistic photographers, these strategies will help you uncover the best accounts to follow in 2023.

25 Hot Nude Instagram Models To Follow In 2023

If you’re looking for a list of nude influencers to follow on Instagram, look no further. These influencers have gained popularity for their confidence, body positivity, and stunning photos. Let’s dive into the world of these hot nude Instagram influencers:

Aline Campos

With 12.2M Instagram followers, Aline Campos is a Spanish dancer and actress who captivates her audience with her mesmerizing posts.

Felicia Hardon

Felicia Hardon is not only a nude Instagram Models but also a bikini model. Her account boasts over 13.2K followers who admire her sizzling content.

Lily Adrianne

Hailing from New Zealand, Lily Adrianne is a famous nude influencer with an impressive following of 7M. She knows how to rock the social media world with her stunning photos.

Natalie Roush

As a popular bikini and nude model on Instagram, Natalie Roush has amassed 1.3M followers who can’t get enough of her alluring posts.

Eri Anton

Eri Anton is not just an entrepreneur but also a female fitness influencer and nude blogger with a massive following of 3.1M. Her dedication to fitness and self-expression shines through her content.

Bruna Lima

Bruna Lima is not only a mom blogger but also a nude influencer who has gained immense popularity on both Instagram (4.5M followers) and TikTok (3.5M followers). Her relatable and empowering posts make her a must-follow.

Yazmin Morales

With nearly 70K followers, Yazmin Morales is considered one of the top nude influencers on Instagram. She was even nominated as Miss Costa Rica in 1994, adding to her appeal.

Vanessa Serros

Vanessa Serros is a fitness, lifestyle, nude, and health influencer with about 300K Instagram followers. Her posts inspire others to embrace their bodies and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Angelica Anderson

Angelica Anderson is a hot nude influencer and designer who has captured the attention of 143K followers. Her unique style and mesmerizing photos make her a standout on Instagram.

These influencers have carved a niche for themselves in the realm of hot nude content on Instagram. By following them, you’ll not only be treated to stunning visuals but also gain insight into body positivity, confidence, and self-love. So why wait? Give these influencers a follow and let their empowering posts brighten up your feed in 2023!

Artistic Nude Instagram Models

When it comes to artistic nude photography, Instagram provides a platform for talented individuals to showcase their creativity and capture the beauty of the human body. Here are some noteworthy artistic nude influencers that you should follow in 2023:

Nude Yoga Girl

Nude Yoga Girl (@nude_yogagirl): This account is dedicated to sharing artistic nude photos featuring yoga poses. With a focus on body positivity and self-expression, Nude Yoga Girl combines the art of yoga with tasteful nudity, creating visually stunning and inspiring content.

Nude Art

Nude Art (@nighttwisshh): If you appreciate the artistry behind nude photography, then Nude Art is the account for you. It curates a collection of photos taken by talented nude photographers who skillfully merge nudity with art. Prepare to be captivated by the depth and creativity showcased in these images.

Alexandra Leese

Alexandra Leese (@alexleese): Alexandra Leese is a photographer who has mastered the art of capturing artistic nude photos. Her Instagram account serves as a canvas for her stunning work, showcasing the beauty and vulnerability of the human form. Through her lens, she explores themes of identity, femininity, and empowerment.

Zoe Natale Mannella

Zoe Natale Mannella (@zoenatalemannella): If you’re looking for unique and breathtaking nude photography, Zoe Natale Mannella’s account is a must-follow. She specializes in capturing rare underwater nudes, bringing an ethereal quality to her images. Prepare to be amazed by her ability to create mesmerizing compositions beneath the water’s surface.

Camille Vivier

Camille Vivier (@camille_vivier): Known for her creative approach to photography, Camille Vivier pushes boundaries with her artistic nude images. Her work often incorporates elements of fashion and surrealism, resulting in visually striking compositions that challenge traditional notions of beauty.

Clara Eon

Clara Eon (@claraeon2): Clara Eon, a French model and choreographer, shares her artistic photos on Instagram. With a unique perspective and an eye for detail, Clara captures the human body in ways that evoke emotion and tell a story. Her images are both thought-provoking and visually stunning.

These influencers prove that nudity can be a form of art, celebrating the human body while challenging societal norms. By following them, you’ll gain insight into the world of artistic nudity and appreciate the beauty that can be found in vulnerability.

Body Positivity and Self-Love Influencers

When it comes to promoting body positivity and self-love, these influencers are leading the way. They use nudity as a powerful tool to challenge societal norms and empower individuals to embrace their bodies. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most inspiring influencers in this category.

Jennifer Gold

Jennifer Gold (@jennifergold__) is not only an art performer but also a comedian who fearlessly shares nudity to promote body positivity. Through her unique combination of humor and vulnerability, she encourages her followers to love themselves unconditionally.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) is a popular model who made headlines when she shared nude photos during her pregnancy. By showcasing the beauty of a woman’s body at every stage, she challenges traditional standards of beauty and celebrates the natural changes that come with motherhood.


Lolita (@lanymphette) is a young Ukrainian model who seamlessly merges nudity with fashion. Her account offers a glimpse into her daily life while breaking down barriers and proving that nudity can coexist with style and elegance.


Veronika (@vero.kratka) is a portrait model who occasionally shares stunning nude yoga photos. By merging the practice of yoga with body positivity, she inspires her followers to embrace their physical strength and find inner peace through movement.

Hannah Sisler

Hannah Sisler (@woodspine) is an influencer who combines her passion for nature and nude yoga poses. Her breathtaking photos capture the beauty of both the human form and the natural world, reminding us of our connection to the earth and promoting self-love through movement.

These influencers are using their platforms to redefine beauty standards, challenge societal norms, and promote self-acceptance. By sharing their own journeys towards body positivity, they inspire others to embrace their bodies with confidence and love. So if you’re looking for some inspiration and empowerment, be sure to follow these incredible influencers in 2023.

Top Models and Celebrities

When it comes to nude Instagram Models, some of the hottest and most well-known names in the modeling industry have also embraced sharing their sensual side on the platform. These top models and celebrities are not afraid to occasionally bare it all and inspire others with their confidence and body positivity.

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa (@JoannaKrupa) is an underwear model who captivates her 1.2 million followers by occasionally sharing tasteful nude photos on her account. Her stunning physique and sultry poses showcase her beauty and grace.

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk (@irinashayk), a renowned top model, uses her Instagram platform to share her confidence with others. While she primarily focuses on fashion and beauty, Irina occasionally treats her 17.3 million followers to captivating nude photos that exude sensuality and empowerment.


Tatiana (@tatianapanakal) is not just a fashion model but also a yoga teacher who merges nudity with art. Her Instagram feed is a fusion of fashion-forward looks combined with artistic nude photos, creating a unique aesthetic that celebrates both beauty and self-expression.


Kens (@_kenssss) is a stunning model known for her seductive underwear poses. With an Instagram following of over 100K, Kens captivates her audience by showcasing her flawless physique while promoting body positivity and embracing her sensuality.

These top models and celebrities prove that nudity can be empowering, artistic, and inspiring. By sharing their confidence and embracing their bodies, they encourage others to do the same. Whether it’s through seductive lingerie shots or tastefully captured nudes merged with fashion or art, these influencers leave a lasting impression on their followers.

So if you’re looking for some bold inspiration from the world of modeling, make sure to follow Joanna Krupa, Irina Shayk, Tatiana, and Kens on Instagram for a tantalizing glimpse into their world of beauty and self-expression.

Other Influencers Worth Following

When it comes to nude Instagram Models, there are plenty of other amazing individuals worth following. These influencers not only embrace their bodies but also inspire others to do the same. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Kahili Blundell

Kahili Blundell (@kahiliblundell) is an Australian nude influencer and swimwear model. With her stunning physique and captivating photos, she has gained a significant following on Instagram. Kahili’s posts exude confidence and body positivity, making her an influential figure in the industry.

Aline Campos

Aline Campos (@soualinecampos) is a Spanish dancer and actress who shares artistic nude photos. She believes in expressing herself through her body and capturing the beauty of movement. Aline’s Instagram feed is filled with breathtaking images that showcase her talent and creativity.

Felicia Hardon

Felicia Hardon (@lizahardytv) is a bikini model who encourages body positivity and self-love. Through her platform, she aims to empower women to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. Felicia’s posts often feature empowering captions that resonate with her audience.

Lily Adrianne

Lily Adrianne (@lily.adrianne) is a famous nude influencer and model from New Zealand. Her striking features and alluring poses have captivated thousands of followers on Instagram. Lily uses her platform to promote body diversity and challenge societal beauty standards.

Natalie Roush

Natalie Roush (@natalieroush) is a bikini and nude model who has gained popularity not only on Instagram but also on YouTube and TikTok. Natalie’s vibrant personality shines through her content, making her relatable to her audience. She advocates for body acceptance and spreads positivity through her videos.

These influencers bring their unique perspectives to the world of nudity on Instagram. They use their platforms as a means of self-expression, promoting body positivity, and inspiring others to love themselves. By following them, you’ll not only be exposed to beautiful imagery but also be part of a community that celebrates individuality and acceptance.


Nudity is not allowed on Instagram, but body confidence and positivity are still promoted. While NSFW (not safe/suitable for work) content is strictly prohibited on the platform, there are exceptions that allow individuals to share semi-nude photos based on Instagram’s guidelines. These exceptions are often made for artistic purposes or to promote body positivity.

It’s important to note that Instagram has a strict policy against nudity and sexually explicit content. Violating these guidelines can result in account removal. Therefore, it’s crucial for both influencers and users to be mindful of the platform’s rules when sharing content.

Throughout this article, we have explored a diverse range of nude Instagram influencers who have found creative ways to express themselves within these limitations. From models and celebrities like Joanna Krupa and Irina Shayk, to body positivity advocates like Jennifer Gold and Emily Ratajkowski, these influencers use their platforms to inspire self-love and acceptance.

Additionally, we have highlighted the work of artistic nude photographers like Nude Yoga Girl and Zoe Natale Mannella, who showcase nudity in a tasteful and artistic manner. Their unique perspectives bring a new level of creativity to the platform.

In conclusion, while nudity may not be allowed on Instagram, there are influencers who navigate these guidelines to share body confidence and promote self-love. By embracing their own uniqueness and encouraging others to do the same, these influencers challenge societal norms and redefine beauty standards within the boundaries set by Instagram.

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