Top 11 Pakistani PornStars – 2024

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We looked into the Pakistani PornStars/Actresses 2024 based on their popularity, scene performances, awards, and more. Do these pornstars really stand out from the rest? Read the Pakistani PornStars/Actresses!

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The Top 10 Pakistani PornStars/Actresses have captivated the country’s hearts with their alluring features and full-bodied physique.

These stunning beauties will captivate you with their sensual dances and seductive looks.

Their provocative nature and enticing curves will entice and enchant your senses. Prepare to be captivated by their unmistakable sexiness and daring performances.

Get ready for a night of hot and sensual passion with the Top 10 Pakistani PornStars/Actresses!

Pakistani PornStars 2024

1. Alishba Sheikh

Pakistani PornStars 2024

There is no one correct answer because there are numerous factors that go into becoming a good pornstar, and everyone has a different perspective on this. Alishba Sheikh, on the other hand, is regarded as one of Pakistan’s most proficient and attractive pornstars, drawing attention to her stunning physique.

She appeared in several pornographic videos produced by various companies, which served to raise her profile. Her stunning appearance has made her a popular figure in Pakistan’s pornstar industry.

2. Nadia Ali

 nadia ali porn
nadia ali xxx
Nadia Ali pakistaniPornstar
Real NameNadia Ali
Nick NameNadia
Age30 Years
Date Of Birth22 July 1991
BirthplaceLahore, Pakistan
Net Worth$80K – $85k USD
Body Figure32C-26-36

Nadia Ali is one of Pakistan’s most prominent and sought-after porn entertainers. She has a large fan base and is highly regarded for her distinct appearance, talent, and style.

She has received numerous prizes and accolades since beginning her career in pornography, and she has appeared in some of the world’s most popular adult films and websites. Nadia Ali is well-known for her tight physique and commanding theatrical presence.

She is also known for her exceptional performance abilities and dedication to providing the greatest possible experience for her fans. She is a true inspiration to many people and an excellent role model for budding porn actors.

3. Shazia Sahari

Pakistani PornStars
shazia sahari
NameShazia Sahari
Date of Birth25 October 1984
ProfessionActress & Model
Debut Year2010
Body Measurement34B-26-35
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight52 Kg

Shazia Sahari is one of the most well-known and popular Pakistani porn stars. Her followers like her for her daring and breathtaking exotic beauty, stunning physique, and passionate performances.

She is also thought to be one of the most successful Pakistani pornstars in the industry. She has been in some of the most popular shows and films, and she has received numerous honors for her work.

She has been able to challenge stereotypes of Pakistani women by being open and honest about her decisions, and her admirers love her for it.

4. Luna Silver

Pakistani PornStars
Pakistani PornStars
Pakistani PornStars
Real NameAyesha
Body Figure34-24-37
PiercingsRight nostril
Date Of Birth27 Feb, 1996

Luna Silver is widely recognized as one of Pakistan’s top porn stars. She has a vast range of pornographic videos, including solo cam shows and full-length feature films.

Her anal and blowjob sequences are especially popular, and she is known for her stunning curves and passionate performances.

Luna Silver is also incredibly confident and unapologetic about her figure, which distinguishes her from other Pakistani PornStars.Ushana Malik

5. Ushna Malik

Pakistani PornStars

Ushna Malik is one of Pakistan’s most talented and successful porn stars. She has a devoted fan base and is well-known for her seductive demeanor and breathtaking performances.

Her videos embody passion, beauty, and skill. She also has a fantastic sense of humor, which makes her a fan favorite. Ushna has received multiple honors for her work and continues to be a top Pakistani pornstar.

6. Alishba Sheikh

Pakistani PornStars

There is no definite answer to this topic because ideas on what constitutes a great PornStar differ from one another.

However, Alishba Sheikh is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant and gorgeous Pakistani PornStars, with her pleasant temperament and amazing beauty creating a one-of-a-kind combination that has gained her a sizable fan base throughout the world.

Alishba is likewise very prolific, having appeared in dozens of films from various studios. Because of these characteristics, she has become an iconic figure in the Pakistani PornStar scene.

7. Aishah Hasnie

Pakistani PornStars
aishah hasnie

For good reason, Aishah Hasnie has been one of the most well-liked Pakistani porn stars for the last ten years. Her distinct face and extremely attractive body make her stand out from other models.

She has acted in numerous pornographic movies and videos, giving her a plethora of industry expertise. Her admirers simply adore her, and her performances are renowned for being intensely passionate and sensual.

Aishah Hasnie’s appeal is further enhanced by the fact that she is quite varied in both her sexual activities and the roles she portrays in adult films.

8. Dilshad Vadsaria

Pakistani PornStars

One of the most well-known and gifted Pakistani pornstars of the modern era is Dilshad Vadsaria. She is renowned for her amazing abilities, unique attractiveness, and striking appearance.

Over the past several years, her fan base has expanded tremendously, and she has even starred in some of the largest adult films ever made. Her flawless contours, captivating eyes, and gorgeous body all contribute to her exotic appearance.

She is praised for her acting abilities as well because she consistently brings out the best in her roles. She is skilled at controlling the camera, adding the appropriate emotions, and creating the ideal mood.

All in all, Dilshad Vadsaria is truly one of the best Pakistani pornstars in the business and we are sure that she will continue to achieve great success in her future endeavors.

9. Pakistani Ranni

Pakistani PornStars
pakistani ranni

Pakistani Ranni’s stunning looks, seductive demeanor, and incredible performances have made her one of the most well-liked porn stars in Pakistan.

She has participated in some of the most infamous sequences in the industry and has been featured in numerous adult Pakistani films. She always brings out the best in her followers, and her videos are usually sultry and intense. In addition to Pakistan, she has a sizable fan following in other nations that value her work.

She has been featured on some of the largest adult internet media sites and has received multiple accolades. She is frequently recognized as one of the top Pakistani PornStars in the industry because of these factors.

10. Yasmeena

Pakistani PornStars
Pakistani PornStars
Pakistani PornStars

Yasmeena’s outstanding performance in numerous flicks has made her the greatest pornstar in Pakistan. Her videos always receive great reviews, demonstrating her extensive experience in the art of erotica. Her admirers find her intriguing, and she has a genuine, passionate approach toward sex.

She is also incredibly skilled at the art of pleasure, and she will go to any lengths to satisfy her companions.

She also has the ability to satisfy her partners and is quite professional. Last but not least, she has an extremely seductive appearance and a very distinct beauty.

11. Foxy Di

Pakistani PornStars
Real NameFoxy Di
Bra size34B
Figure Size32-26-34
Date of Birth14 Sep, 1994
Starred inRussian Anal Sweethearts 4, Tight & Tasty, Discreet Service, Tricky Agent

One of the most well-known female porn stars in Pakistan is Foxy Di. She has become well-known due to her attractive appearance and prowess in sexual situations.

Many people consider her films to be among the most aesthetically beautiful and sensuous pornographic movies in the nation.

Foxy Di has a sizable fan base, particularly among those who enjoy adult films, because of her seductive charm. She is regarded by many as one of the sexiest actors working in adult entertainment today.


Q1. Who are some of the best Pakistani PornStars?

A. Some of the best Pakistani PornStars include Nadia Ali, Anjuman, Asif Khan, Rahma Khan, and Nabila Khan.

Q2. How do I find videos or images of Pakistani PornStars?

A. You can find videos and images of Pakistani PornStars on several websites and social media platforms such as Pornhub, XHamster, and Tumblr.

Q3. Are there any good Pakistani PornStars outside of Pakistan?

A. Yes, there are some excellent Pakistani PornStars who are located outside of Pakistan. These include Nadia Ali, Asif Khan, and Anjuman.

Q4. Are all Pakistani PornStars Muslim?

A. Not all Pakistani PornStars are Muslim, but most are. However, there are some who come from different religious backgrounds such as Hindu, Sikh, and Christian.

A. No, Pakistani PornStars have gained considerable popularity across the globe, owing mainly to their unique beauty and erotic appeal.


In conclusion, this list showcases some of the top Pakistani pornstars working in the adult industry today, including Nadia Ali, Shazia Sahari, Luna Silver, Ushna Malik, Alishba Sheikh, Aishah Hasnie, Dilshad Vadsaria, Pakistani Ranni, Yasmeena, and Foxy Di.

Each of these performers have garnered a reputation as accomplished adult stars, and their popularity is a testament to the talent and charisma that these ladies possess.


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Ushna Malik
Alishba Sheikh
Aishah Hasnie
Dilshad Vadsaria
Pakistani Ranni
Foxy Di

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