Top 10 French Influencers Making Waves on Instagram

As the birthplace of haute couture and scrumptious croissants, France is a country known for many wonders, and that includes a rich pool of social media influencers. In this digital age, these French influencers are setting trends, impacting decisions, and inspiring millions of followers through their dynamic and captivating content.

1. Oulimata Gallet (24K followers)

French Influencers

From fashion houses to editorial shoots, Oulimata Gallet is the embodiment of French elegance and style. With a perfect Favikon score of 5, her Instagram feed is a visual feast of glamour, sophistication, and fashion-forward trends. Her extraordinary engagement rate of 6.02% is a testament to her strong rapport with her audience, making her one of the top influenceurs France.

2. Slideforfood (59.4K followers)

French Influencers

Victoria, the face behind Slideforfood, will give you a run for your money when it comes to culinary skills. An advocate for vegetarian cuisine, Victoria’s delectably tantalizing recipes and cooking reels keep her audience hooked, earning her a perfect Favikon score of 5.

3. Pinku_kiwi (101K followers)

French Influencers

Kiwi, a self-proclaimed “kawaii girl,” has built an impressive digital empire centered around her fascination with Asian cultures. Her charm lies in her unique content, featuring quirky Japanese foods and gadgets, maintaining a Favikon score of 5 and an engaging rate of 3.90%.

4. Iris Mittenaere (3M followers)

French Influencers

A Miss Universe 2016 titleholder, Iris continues to shine brightly in the realm of modeling and influencing. Her Instagram feed is a vibrant mix of her glamorous lifestyle, earning her an almost perfect Favikon score of 4.9.

5. Audrey Afonso (122K followers)

Audrey’s Instagram feed is a mosaic of her diverse interests, from fashion to travel and gastronomy, all captured through aesthetically pleasing pictures. Her influencing skills earn her an excellent Favikon score of 4.7 and a robust engagement rate of 6.08%.

6. Anas.krm (116K followers)

French Influencers

Anastasiya, the content creator behind Anas.krm, has a special knack for capturing her audience’s attention with her humorous reels and charming selfies. Her unique content strategy has secured her a Favikon score of 4.6 and an incredible engagement rate of 56.34%.

7. Alexia Duchêne (95.2K followers)

French Influencers

A Top Chef 2019 participant, Alexia Duchêne has seamlessly transformed her culinary passion into a thriving digital platform. Her Instagram feed, peppered with delectable recipes, has earned her a Favikon score of 4.6.

8. Lena Situations (3.9M followers)

French Influencers

Lena is a major game-changer in the French influencer scene. Known for her positivity and authentic content, particularly on fashion, Lena is a regular feature at fashion shows and has a dedicated follower base, earning her a Favikon score of 4.5.

9. Juju Fitcats (3.1M followers)

French Influencers

Justine, aka Juju Fitcats, is redefining fitness influencing with her motivational content and workout routine shares. Her uplifting and inspiring presence on Instagram has earned her a Favikon score of 4.5.

10. Alix Grousset (107K followers)

French Influencers

Alix Grousset‘s diverse content, ranging from storytimes and crash tests to recipes and selfies, makes her a favorite among her 107K followers. Her skillful content creation has earned her an excellent Favikon score of 4.5.

In the ever-evolving world of social media, these French Instagram influencers continue to inspire, engage, and connect with their audiences. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a food lover, or someone seeking lifestyle inspiration, these top French influencers are a must-follow.


Q1: Who are some of the top French influencers on Instagram?

A1: Some of the top French influencers on Instagram include Oulimata Gallet, Slideforfood, Pinku_kiwi, Iris Mittenaere, Audrey Afonso, Anas.krm, Alexia Duchêne, Lena Situations, Juju Fitcats, and Alix Grousset.

Q2: What is a Favikon score?

A2: A Favikon score is a rating system that assesses the performance of influencers on social media platforms. It evaluates numerous factors such as engagement rate, content quality, and follower count.

Q3: Who has the highest Favikon score among the top French influencers listed?

A3: Oulimata Gallet, Slideforfood, and Pinku_kiwi each have a perfect Favikon score of 5, signifying excellent performance as influencers.

Q4: Who among the listed influencers has the most followers?

A4: Lena Situations has the most followers among the listed influencers with 3.9 million followers.

Q5: Are all these influencers from the fashion industry?

A5: No, these influencers cover a variety of niches including fashion, food, lifestyle, and fitness. For instance, Slideforfood focuses on vegetarian cuisine, while Juju Fitcats shares fitness-focused content.

Final words

In conclusion, the influencer landscape in France is as diverse as it is dynamic, with prominent personalities making their mark in various fields such as fashion, food, lifestyle, and fitness. These influencers are not just trendsetters but also storytellers, providing a unique narrative in each post and engaging effectively with their audience. Their content not only inspires, but also shapes public opinion, making them a powerful force in the digital age. Whether you’re looking for fashion tips, fitness motivation, culinary delights, or lifestyle inspiration, there’s a French influencer for everyone on Instagram.


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