Black Bull Honey Review: Natural Enhancement or Unsafe?

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Black Bull Honey is a male-specific sexual enhancement product. The brand advertises its products as a “miraculous cure for sterility and sexual dysfunction” and claims they are “100% natural.”

But does Black Bull Honey include research-backed chemicals that increase sex drive, or are these simply marketing claims? Is there anything unhealthy about the product’s additives? Is the Extra Strength version worth more money? How do real users rank and describe the benefits of Black Bull Honey?

In this post, we will answer all of these concerns and more by analyzing the chemicals in Black Bull Honey using medical studies to determine whether the supplement is likely to boost sex drive or is a waste of money.

Ingredient Analysis of Black Bull Honey

The ingredients for Black Bull Honey are listed above and were obtained from a third-party retailer’s website.

The ingredients are not clearly stated on the brand’s website, which is indicative of a low-quality brand.

Black Bull Honey contains chemicals that have been demonstrated in clinical tests to stimulate sex drive.

Honey can increase libido, fertility and erections in men according to a medical review published in the Antioxidants journal. We would generally recommend raw honey which is nutritionally richer than purified honey which is heat-treated.

Black Bull Honey does not specify that they use raw honey, so we’ll assume it’s heat-treated.

Tribulus terrestris has pro-sexual effects when supplemented, as we documented in our review of another male enhancement supplement called Virectin.

Maca has been clinically shown to improve sex drive in healthy adult men, however we would only recommend gelatinized maca which is much easier to digest than raw maca (which we’ll assume is in this supplement since there is no mention that it’s gelatinized.

Maca, like a potato, is an indigestible plant fiber so taking it raw can cause stomach upset.

Tongkat ali is a good choice for a male enhancement supplement, because it’s one of the few natural ingredients shown in clinical research to improve testosterone levels in men.

Panax ginseng improved men’s self-reported ability to have intercourse according to a 2021 medical review.

Based on its active components, we believe Black Bull Honey is likely to be useful in raising sex drive and maybe in increasing testosterone levels in men. This formulation contains no inactive components of concern.

However, what bothers us about this product is not its formulation, but the fact that it is similar to another supplement that was found to be contaminated, as we will detail in the following section.

We recently tested a sexual enhancement supplement called Royal Honey, which had the same components in the same sequence as Black Bull Honey.

Royal Honey, like Black Bull Honey, did not have any ingredient doses indicated; instead, the product label simply listed the ingredients in plain English.

In 2022, the FDA issued a Public Notification that a hidden drug ingredient was found in Royal Honey. The active drug ingredient in Viagra was found during FDA testing.

What concerns us is that since this product contains the exact same ingredients in the exact same order, it may be the company behind Royal Honey trying to rebrand their product. For this reason alone we would recommend avoiding Black Bull Honey.

The FDA also advised consumers in a separate notice that other sexual enhancement honey manufacturers were selling tainted products.

Based on the obvious health dangers associated with this type of supplements, it may be prudent to avoid any sexual enhancement honey products until one arises that publishes product testing demonstrating purity and lack of impurities.

The ingredients in Black Bull Honey Extra Strength, sometimes branded as Black Bull Extreme, are shown above. 

Like the regular-strength product, these ingredients are not clearly published on the brand’s official website which is a red flag.

Honey, maca, ginseng and tongkat ali were reviewed in the previous section, and we consider all four ingredients likely effective for improving sex drive in men.

The three unique ingredients in this formulation are Epimedium, ginger and black seed.

Epimedium, colloquially known as horny goat weed, is clinically shown to increase sexual desire in humans and to improve erectile dysfunction in animals as we documented in our review of another product containing this ingredient called Tabs Chocolate.

Ginger may provide cardiovascular support, but we can’t find any clinical evidence suggesting it improves sex drive.

Black seed is a nutritionally-dense spice, but we can’t find any proof that it improves libido or sexual function in men.

We consider Black Bull Honey Extra Strength to be likely effective for improving sex drive in men, but it’s a worse formulation than the regular-strength version, because we’re unable to identify any clinical backing for two of its six active ingredients.

It doesn’t make sense to pay more for this version.

But how do real users rate and describe the effects of Black Bull Honey? We’ll review in the next section.

One of the only unsponsored reviews we could locate of Black Bull Honey came from a YouTube uploader named “DINERO SO WOKE” who reviewed the product, giving his thoughts on its impact on sex drive, how to apply it, its flavor, and overall experience:

Black Bull Honey does not appear to have been investigated in clinical trials, therefore we cannot say for definite whether or not it has adverse effects. However, we may make an educated approximation based on the elements.

We believe Black Bull Honey is unlikely to produce negative effects if it contains the ingredients listed on the label.

However, because a similar product was recently prohibited by the FDA and shown to be contaminated, we believe Black Bull Honey is more likely to cause adverse effects than the normal supplement we analyze on Illuminate Health, due to the manufacturer’s unknown status and the quality of the product.

Panax ginseng, a herb native to Asia, has been shown in clinical trials to boost sex drive and erections in males.

clinical trial published in The Journal of Urology found that after eight weeks of treatment, erectile function scores were “significantly higher” in the ginseng group than the group taking placebo pills.

A 2013 medical review found that libido and sexual performance were significantly improved with ginseng supplementation.

Here are the pros and cons of Black Bull Honey as a brand in our opinion:


  • Potent formulation
  • Naturally-derived ingredients


  • Unclear manufacturer
  • Exact same formulation as recently banned supplement
  • Expensive per-serving
  • No proof that Extra Strength version is more potent
  • No ingredient doses

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